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not as far along as normal in development

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Every body in Constantinople warned us to be very careful about our passports, see that they were strictly 'en regle', and never to mislay them for a moment: and they told us of numerous instances of Englishmen and others who were delayed days, weeks, and even months, in Sebastopol, on account of trifling informalities in their passports, and for which they were not to blame.
Year after year, I delayed the republication, proposing, at the suggestion of my old friend, Mr.
Summer passed away in these occupations, and my return to Geneva was fixed for the latter end of autumn; but being delayed by several accidents, winter and snow arrived, the roads were deemed impassable, and my journey was retarded until the ensuing spring.
5) When feasible, a competent legal advisor should review both the surreptitious warrant application and any requests for extensions of the delayed notice prior to submission to the court for authorization.
In another third, they delayed clamping until the cord stopped pulsing-about 1 minute-while the baby rested at the level of the placenta.
And looking at delayed recovery as an issue of an individual's personality or unconscious struggle has had little effect on decreasing the magnitude of the problem.
Airbus was previously due to deliver the first USD$300 million double-decker to launch customer Singapore this year, but the inaugural delivery was now delayed until October 2007, 10 months late.
To address this problem, the Federal Aviation Administration is imposing financial penalties of up to $25,000 per violation on chronically delayed flights.
Although the delay to primary reinforcement clearly is important, can we assume that a delayed reinforcer is always ineffective?
We don't have a back-up for 500 delayed passengers".
We have since minimized delayed mail at the plant and continue to monitor mail volume levels so that we can keep to our service commitments,'' said Don A.
Overall, 64% of women in the first-trimester group and 86% of those in the second-trimester group cited at least one factor that delayed their abortion.
The National Education Longitudinal Study of 1988 (NELS:88/2000) is used to examine the high school academic preparation of 1992 high school graduates who delayed postsecondary enrollment, and the 1996/01 Beginning Postsecondary Students Longitudinal Study (BPS:96/01) is used to analyze the experiences of delayed entrants in their first postsecondary enrollment with respect to how long they waited to enroll and how likely they were to complete their postsecondary education.
1-4) Immediate (<24 hr) and delayed (>24 hr) postoperative bleeding rates of 2 to 5% are considered acceptable; postoperative pain, while variable in intensity and duration, typically lasts for 7 to 10 days after surgery and is moderately severe.
Unsurprisingly, women with an identifiable breast lump and greater distress about their symptoms delayed for a significantly shorter period than those without.
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