delay line

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a circuit designed to introduce a calculated delay into the transmission of a signal

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The delay line, with the transducer attached, was inserted into the reaction chamber.
The E-3001 variable delay line is a high-performance, turnkey product for the radar test industry.
Anaren Microwave , a leader in wireless technology, announced today that it has designed and officially launched the first-ever surface-mount delay line.
They include integrated SAW (surface acoustic wave) delay lines that provide very low phase noise and jitter characteristics (0.
Intersil Corporation (Nasdaq:ISIL), a world leader in the design and manufacture of high performance analog solutions, today announced the industry's first completely integrated triple analog delay line that enables systems using Intersil's video over twisted-pair products to transmit and receive skew-free RGB (red, green, blue) video over 1000 feet of CAT-5 cable.
Agilent cooperated with SLE to reach the 1 Gb/s performance level by designing a custom implementation of the receiver delay line without altering SLE's fundamental architecture.
Limited Tenders are invited for 5Usec Fixed Optical Delay Line For Aaau
By using fiber optic delay line technology, we are able to generate that range," said Jerry Lomurno, president, Eastern OptX.
9 and the traveling time obtained from ultrasound signal patterns, the wave velocities in both the delay line and polymer are simply calculated during in-line monitoring by Eqs.
The other pulse passed through a delay line that enabled the researchers to control when the pulse would reach the detector.
This permits easy switching between a variety of contact, delay line and immersion transducers to solve an almost infinite number of measurement problems.
Nasdaq: MCRL), an industry leader in analog, high bandwidth communications and Ethernet IC solutions, today launched the dual channel SY89297U delay line IC.
The receiver part for DQPSK(2) modulation transmitting 2 bits per symbol consists of the delay line interferometer(3) and the balanced receivers(4), and the receiver part for DP-QPSK(5) modulation of digital coherent detect consists of 90 hybrid (optical mixer)(6) and the balanced receivers, which are installed as discrete components that are connected by fibers.
Some examples of specific topics include measurements of strain in ceramic components using magnetostrictive delay line, magnetomechanical properties of terfenol-D composites, shape memory assemblies using ultrasonic welding, formation of metal silicide nanodots on ultrathin SiO2 for floating gate application, structure and shape memory effect in annealed Ni-Ti-Co strip produced by twin roll casting technique, differential magnetoelastic compressive force sensor utilizing two amorphous alloy ring cores, elastomers containing fillers with magnetic properties, texture analysis of hot rolled Ni-Mn-Ga alloys, and magnetic field analysis for magnetron sputtering apparatus for accurate composition control.