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a mechanism that automatically delays the release of a camera shutter for a fixed period of time so that the photographer can appear in the picture

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53 billion, Construction of 100 Delay Action Dams in Balochistan Package-I (20 dams) worth Rs2.
They usually occur at the end of a legislative session to delay action on a bill.
We've been listening carefully to responses to the consultation this far, and it's become clear there are widespread concerns that the plans as they stand could delay action.
They would disabuse anyone of the notion that to be philosophical means to pontificate, be obscure, or delay action.
No longer can one delay action in protecting corporate data and "blame" failure on someone else.
From an Associated Press story datelined Denver, Colorado: "The shooting rampage at a suburban Denver high school prompted state lawmakers to delay action on a bill that would help gun owners obtain concealed weapons permits.
A new Pakistan government inquiry into match-fixing accusations may delay action against Test stars Wasim Akram, Salim Malik and Ijaz Ahmed.
Thus, it would be reasonable for the Service to delay action on such a 'protective' claim until after the pending litigation [or legislative/regulatory change or examination] was resolved.
Shareholders also don't know that the Board has urged the PUCO to delay action on this application," Eudy explained.
Besides, construction of Khan Tangi Delay Action Dam in Qilla Saifullah district is being executed at a cost of more than Rs 49 million.
While the first generation of delay action dams in Balochistan was not successful, the new generation has fared much better because of better siting and because the impounded water was recharged through downstream river bed by means of water released from the storage reservoir.
She said that, despite any inconvenience the earlier closures have caused, the agency did not want to delay action on Haskell because it has been under discussion for more than five years.
Curtin's plea from the EUR800-a-day clinic prompted Taoiseach Bertie Ahern to delay action to remove him as a judge.
Parish council chairman Coun Roger Gurney said: "We hope that this move will delay action until the plans can be reassessed by the new local authority.
A set of clear and easily executed rules on when and how to rebalance can help eliminate the temptation to delay action, says Nersesian.