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in a dejected manner

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FDJ's French sprinter Nacer Bouhanni was dealing with a gastric problem and he was dropped by the peloton early on, keeping up a solo battle some four minutes off the pace before dejectedly climbing off his bike and into the team car 90km from the finish.
BRYAN Round walked dejectedly from the oche, shrugged and muttered: "Should've had a drink before - I usually do.
Despite the heart-breaking defeat the Pars punters hailed their side as they dejectedly left the field at full-time.
CHRIS COLEMAN had his own blistering message for his Wales players, as they trudged dejectedly back to their clubs after that limp and lifeless last pre-World Cup display against Bosnia.
Warne's guessing games and tricky turners have sent the best batsmen in the world trudging dejectedly back to the pavilion.
near where he lives, and he didn't return to it until coming home dejectedly from a Jet party.
Matt Prior (right) walks off dejectedly after being bowled first ball by Peter Siddle on the first afternoon in Brisbane
Hargreaves was clearly troubled by his left hamstring and made his way dejectedly down the tunnel for treatment after giving way to Bebe.
At one point the Chelsea ace sat in the buggy that the players were driving around the course at The Grove hotel in Watford, Herts, and dejectedly clutched his forehead.
The bearings of the tyre ropeway and some other structures are jammed and the children get off these facilities dejectedly.
I tried to reassure him and promised nothing would change but he replied dejectedly that it can never be the same.
ENGLAND superfan Brian Wright - and his not-so-lucky mascot Rooneyshrek - head dejectedly back to Coventry.
A night that had begun with an electric atmosphere from the passionate home crowd ended in dismay for the Bafana Bafana support, many of whom left before the end, vuvuzela trumpets tucked dejectedly under their arms.
Job done: England's players look on dejectedly as Australia celebrate victory and a 3-0 lead in the seven-match one-day series.
The protagonist of Heavy Beret, 2009, slumps dejectedly against a spindly tree, the creative burden implied by the work's title additionally reflected by the scrappy sketch of a bird that the man has pinned to its trunk, and by his pigment-splattered clothes.