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Synonyms for dejected

Synonyms for dejected

Antonyms for dejected

affected or marked by low spirits

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Photo shows a dejected Peping Cojuangco looking at his daughter and IOC representative Mikee Cojuangco-Jaworski.
All of us want something to prove; we can't call this overachieving if we played just the quarterfinals,' said a dejected Allein Maliksi Thursday at Smart Araneta Coliseum.
Karachi -- In a tragic incident, a dejected elderly pensioner jumped to his death from Karachi's Civic Centre building on Monday.
Wales fans leave Cooper's Field in a dejected mood ANDREW MATTHEWS
Gerrard was left dejected after the performance at Old Trafford, and now believes the clash with Norwich on Sunday is a must-win game for Brendan Rodgers' team.
Not showing much enthusiasm for life a dejected and mournful looking vulture displays a slow soaring motion in the sky.
London, Dec 16 ( ANI ): After the worst day yet in a nightmare Ashes series, dejected Geoffrey Boycott predicts Australia will punish their old enemy even further and may go on to win 5-0.
A GROUP of Sky Blues fans dejected by the plight of their club have channelled their anger into setting up a club of their own.
The man in his late 30s (who did not wish to be identified) was dejected because of his massive weight of 145kg.
But Morrell, who will now try to pick up his dejected squad for the Conference clash at home to Kettering on Saturday, said: "We have done great.
Luckily, although you'd never tell by the permanently dejected look on his face, Dee's show has gone on to pick up lots of extra viewers since and has become quite a cult must-see.
DEJECTED David van Zanten fears today's game at Aberdeen will be skipper Rob Jones's last outing for the Hibees.
DEJECTED captain Craig Bellamy admits Wales do not have "a glimmer of hope" of qualifying for the World Cup after a 2-0 defeat at home to Finland.
DEJECTED Labour MP Sion Simon urged Gordon Brown to "listen to ordinary working class voters" after his party was blitzed at the polls.
I'm dejected for the Wigan club and the fans and the players in particular.