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the function of pointing or specifying from the perspective of a participant in an act of speech or writing

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But it is also evident that social deixis is at work in that it is fundamentally important why they tell the stories that they tell.
Deixis remains paramount in the third chapter on Montale's presence in Sereni and the theme of liminality in Stella variabile [Variable Star].
32) For wound deixis, see also Marcus Antonius's speech in William Shakespeare, Julius Caesar, ed.
Abolfazl Horri, investigating the translation of personal deixis as point of view indexes in three Farsi translations of Woolf's To the Lighthouse, concluded that apparently the mismatches in the translation--resulting in a change from ID to DD--are in agreement with Farsi norms.
Paper presented at the First International Colloquium on Deixis.
Blended spaces and deixis in sign language discourse.
The concept of deixis within the field of literacy and technology means that the overall nature and essence of literacy and technology are changing so rapidly and thoroughly that it is difficult to define and describe either, let alone both in tandem (Leu, 2000).
Nosso autor aposta, na medida em que se preste atencao a materialidade da comunicacao, numa virada epistemologica, que levaria a praticas diferentes no campo das humanidades, praticas liberadas do peso da tradicao hermeneutica: "Epifania, presentificacao e deixis, assim, seriam tres tentativas de conceito atraves dos quais eu tento organizar minhas predicoes, imaginacoes e desejos sobre as formas futuras de pratica nas humanidades e nas artes" (Gumbrecht, 2004, p.
Other aspects of the future utterance are also programmed at this stage, such as the illocutionary type (declaration or request), person or participant deixis (distinction between first, second, or third person, or speaker, recipient, and "bystander", respectively), optionally social deixis (e.
3) The deixis is complicated here and it will be seen that there are two or more orders of magnitude.
Deixis is a defining quality of the new literacies of the Internet and other ICTs.
It turns out to be the elder brother who channels at Orlando the latent carnival targeting, initiating a deixis that renders Orlando the butt of audience mockery through very much of the drama.
As Tsur indicates, deixis has much to do with abstractions (41).
Chapter 5, on adjectives, among other topics includes discussion of the symmetrical a-, as- adjective sets which, like the demonstratives and adverbs, are marked for proximal and remote deixis.