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the form of theological rationalism that believes in God on the basis of reason without reference to revelation


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In this context, Comte has an amazing but revealing sentence: "Whereas Protestants and deists always attacked religion in the name of God, we should, on the contrary, definitely put aside God in the name of religion.
Considered carefully, The Religion Virus will motivate fruitful discussions that help the humanist community broadcast increasingly effective memes to atheists in both camps, as well as to deists and liberal church members alike, whose public advocacy is essential to the goal.
Washington's verbal and written utterances on religion reveal abundant evidence of a Deist point of view.
But I think that scarcely anyone of the Deists has written on behalf of that evil cause so maliciously, so cleverly and cunningly as the author of this dissertation.
Every one of the Founders listed in the following survey (with the possible exception of Benjamin Franklin) would reject such an appellation and in fact never referred to themselves as deists (again, with a passing reference to himself made by Franklin).
In his book Christless Christianity: The Alternative Gospel of the American Church (Grand Rapids: Baker Books, 2008), Michael Scott Horton suggests that those who practice American religion have become gnostic deists who define "spirituality" in terms of what feels good and makes us happy.
Isaac Newton, who effectively showed that the universe ran according to immutable laws of physics rather than divine manipulation, and Charles Darwin, whose theories of adaptation and natural selection would for many destroy the creation story and the notion of original sin in one fell swoop, are identified by Ruse as deists.
For example, Stenger repeatedly states that the founding fathers of the United States, including the first four presidents, were deists, not theists.
Take what I call a more holistic approach to religious tolerance, requiring Quakers, Shakers, Deists, and Unitarians to affirm their faith in a more mainstream, traditional form of Christianity (of their own choosing, of course) that is less offensive to decent Americans than their current belief systems.
In fact, he begins his discourse on Islam with the acknowledgment that Muslims, like Jews and deists, drew their inspiration from the same revelatory source as Christians: "And hence it is that all that part of the world which now does own one only true God, Christians, Jews, Mahometans, and even Deists too, originally came by the knowledge of him.
One of the studies finds that the vast majority of American teenagers are what the researchers call "therapeutic moralistic deists.
Most were deists who believed in God on a rational basis without reference to revelation or scripture.
Marc Fumaroli explains how the way to the 1763 expulsion of Jesuits from France was prepared by the anti-Jesuit polemics of two groups otherwise largely opposed to each other: Deists and Jansenists.
We do not think for a moment that these Christian scholars are deists.
This would include both atheists, who deny that the world is created, and deists, who deny the particulars of the prophetic faiths.