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of or relating to deism


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The question then is, What is the common basis for dialogue between Christianity and deistic Enlightenment?
There was no significant association between belief in a deistic God and any of the five psychiatric symptoms.
Billings organizes his argument around a fundamental opposition between what he calls a Deistic approach and a Trinitarian approach.
It is at this point that the authors depart from the deistic, materialistic metaphysics so troublingly ubiquitous in faith and science debates, embracing instead the exciting Christological conception of creation that provides a confessional grounding capable of adequately holding faith and science together.
Within Night Thoughts, an epic-length poem of nine first-person meditations on the sudden death of three loved ones, Young deploys Anglican apologetics against a Deistic rhetorical adversary, Lorenzo.
10) Michael Hunter explains that while the word atheism was a widespread term of abuse, often applied to heterodox thought, licentious living, and rival sectarian beliefs, it also carried the additional meaning of "irreligion in the sense of a more or less extreme attack on orthodox Christianity from a cynical or Deistic viewpoint.
Our nation's third president, Jefferson held deistic views about religion.
Epicurean philosophy, developed in the third century BCE and taught in schools around the Mediterranean, emphasized a deistic worldview, one in which the divine had no impact on the events of the terrestrial world.
One problem for any deistic hypothesis is why does evil exist?
It is because, even with the wonderful set of reflections borrowed from Bruner on the double-love command, within our present therapeutic, and often practically deistic, culture the "love of God" can easily simply equal "love" as our highest value rather than a living God to whom we are submitted and who thus defines our loves.
Even the first French Republic came officially to affirm the existence of a deistic God.
After the envelopes are opened, the deistic die is cast.
In an interview with People magazine just before the book's release, Didion expressed what might be interpreted as a deistic perspective when she said, "I don't have conventional faith, the kind of faith that other people seem to have.
Thus the purposefulness of nature is not the unconscious seeking of an end, but more a sort of Deistic intelligent ordering of the universe.