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Synonyms for deist

a person who believes that God created the universe and then abandoned it


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of or relating to deism


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In this sense, a deist can endorse the philosophical proposition that God currently exists, but God does not exist in any currently practical sense--a weak theism.
New Light evangelicals such as Isaac Bachus and John Leland joined forces with Deists and skeptics such as James Madison and Thomas Jefferson to fight for a complete separation of church and state.
So Kaye distinguishes Paine the political revolutionary from Paine the deist.
It ignores, for instance, that Dwight's chief supposed model, The Dunciad, is itself modeled on seventeenth-century progress pieces, and that "The Triumph of Infidelity" is a virtual sequel to the earliest of these, "The Church Militant," a poem by George Herbert (whose Deist brother is specifically condemned in "The Triumph") long popular with American Puritans.
In interesting chapters devoted to Judaism, Islam, Greece and Rome, American Indians, and Chinese philosophers, McDermott shows how Edwards's varying responses to these religious "others" were conditioned by the patterns of deist appeals to them.
Although he served as a military chaplain representing the Congregational Church during the Revolutionary War, Barlow later in life drifted into the Deist camp championed by his friend Jefferson.
Benjamin Franklin has long enjoyed the image of the American philosophe, and with that image has gone the reputation of being, like so many of the philosophes, a deist who, at best, had no use for religion apart from the cash value it might yield in human behavior.
Believing that his brother's church deserved his support as an agency for moral good, he never threatened to withdraw from the movement; from his moderate deist position, he could see the value of religion for human happiness.
Against advocates of natural religion, closure placed on the age of miracles provided an equally convenient accommodation to Newtonian laws of nature, even as it fortified defense of both Jesus and the Bible against the acids of Deist skepticism.
But I see no reason to become a theist or deist simply on the basis of what one experiences inside--after all, the experience of love is a worldwide phenomenon, yet nobody postulates that love exists in, dependent of our private experiences that we so name.
The author's argument is two-fold: Washington was a Christian, not a deist as many recent biographers have claimed, and God or "Providence" guided the United States' creation as a democratic nation.
Indeed, the deist Jefferson took a pair of scissors to the New Testament to create his "Jefferson Bible," or "The Life and Morals of Jesus of Nazareth," which cut out the parts he regarded as supernatural or misinterpreted by the Gospel writers.
Based in San Francisco, Deist leads the Cargo Risk Practice within the Marsh Communications, Media and Technology Industry Practice.
yargilari, ancak Tanri'nin varligini zaten basindan kabul eden bir deist icin gecerli olabilir.