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the form of theological rationalism that believes in God on the basis of reason without reference to revelation


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While Kantian deism and subjectivism would claim that this is simply to take into consideration the religion of natural (and modern) man, it makes pure subjective experience the decisive criterion for the legitimacy of every religion.
Deism is usually distinguished from thorough-going (strong) theism for just this reason.
We might quibble that this supposedly trans-cultural Enlightenment Deism in fact imports Greek philosophical and Christian religious ideas.
As seen in chapter 3, "Deism and Its Reverberations in English Jewish Thought: Abraham Ben Naphtali Tang and Some of His Contemporaries," Deism presented the same kind of threat to the Jewish religious establishment that the Christians perceived in theirs.
Constancio's rejection of Paine's deism illustrates that liberals were selective in their borrowings from the "canonical" Enlightenment.
Still, there were significant differences between a Deism grounded in the apparent order of things and Hall's prophetic witness.
Nor can we rule out the influence of New Testament ethics, Islamic or other Hindu theism, eighteenth-century European deism, or the words and examples of his Protestant acquaintances as constituent elements in his thought.
Mark Pattison's essay traced the rise and decline of deism in the history of the eighteenth-century Church of England and implied that churchmen of his own day found it equally difficult to face facts or pursue truth.
Further, his deism entailed a behavioral determinism that made the very concept of sin meaningless.
Eisenhower backed those pronouncements with demonstrations of what we now typically call "Ceremonial Deism.
draws from sociological and neurological studies on adolescents to reach his conclusion that many adolescents suffer from a form of "moral therapeutic deism," and offers suggestions on how Catholic educators can effectively redress this bland religiosity (155).
There is no way for me to distinguish such a position from what can be called "functional deism.
In the end it was his deism that prevented a wholehearted commitment to posterity.
It is argued here that Religious Ceremonies of the World was a major influence in the development of an atmosphere ready to accept the Deism of the Enlightenment.
Because of the hold of Christianity on colonial culture, the Enlightenment never gained a secure foothold in the popular mind (although in the first fifty years of the young Republic, Enlightenment-inspired deism gave Christianity a run for its money).