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London, September 19 (ANI): Deipnosophists, stridewallops and shot-clogs - wondering what these words mean?
If you are a deipnosophist you are likely to win friends and influence people because you are skilled in the art of dinner-table conversation.
A deipnosophist is skilled in the art of dinner table conversation.
also Athenaeus, The Deipnosophists, 7:230-34 (696a-697b), who denies that the poem is a paean at all.
Archestratos, as quoted by Athenaeus in The Deipnosophists, 3rd century A.
with translation, Athenaeus: the Deipnosophists, 7 vols.
The extensive compilations of the Hellenistic and Roman period are often harshly judged by modem historians: it is only with difficulty that Athenaeus' Deipnosophists, Aulus Gellius' Attic Nights, Aelian's Varia Historia, for example, reveal their internal logic, the type of intellectual curiosity that inspires texts conceived as collections, selected reading notes and quotations, each of which constitutes an object of knowledge.
At the opening of the Deipnosophists, we are provided with a summary giving a brief description of the content of the work, intended to whet the reader's appetite so to speak: "and there is no sort of gentlemanly knowledge which [the author] does not mention in [his book]; for he has put down .
He cites another relevant anecdote from the passage in Athenaeus' Deipnosophists (505d) that DK quote from: in this anecdote, Gorgias is said to have called Plato a new Archilochus--Archilochus being one of the prime representatives of the iambographic tradition (p.
Stanford 1954: 68-70 notes that Odysseus was later characterized as a glutton (due in part to these scenes in the Iliad), and remarks on the connections made between this attention to the belly and sophistic argumentation in such satires as Athenaeus' Deipnosophists.
Gulick, Athenaeus The Deipnosophists (Cambridge, Ma and London, 1959), vol.