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Deionized water is the principal dielectric medium used on wire EDM machines.
At this point, three specimens were analyzed with Vitros methodology with various dilutions in deionized water; the results are given in Table 1.
The classical light scattering data for the IPAM copolymers and the homopolymers of AM and IPAM in deionized water at 25[degrees]C are reported in Table 4.
For comparison purposes, it was applied undiluted and diluted to 20, 10, and 5 weight percent solids with deionized water in this study.
Deionized water was added as needed to keep the filter paper moist.
INGREDIENTS WT% Phase A Deionized water 40,000000 Luvigel Fit (BASF) (Acrylates/C10-C30 Alkyl 3,000000 methaaylate copolymer) Phase B Luviskol K 90 Solution (BASF) (PVP) 15,000000 Triethanolamine (Merck) 0,600000 Deionized water 25,900000 Ethanol (96%) denatured (Berkel.
amyloliquefaciens spores in deionized water decreased by 4.
Typical uses include chemical feed, bottle filling, deionized water transfer, food handling, beverage service, viscous material handling, laboratory, resin feeds and adhesive lines.
A final rinse section should also be in place, incorporating fresh, heated, deionized water to facilitate the rinsing and subsequent drying of the assembly.
The unit features: digital control package with easy-to-use touch pad for 3 preset wash cycles -- heavy, medium, light and 3 preset temperature settings, 55C, 65C, 82C; 304 stainless steel construction throughout; easy access to the detergent and neutralizer systems through a front bottom door as well as optional rear access for isle installations; dual spindle rack capability for direct injection washing of narrow neck glassware; concentric washing action that provides uniform washing by directing flow from the center out to each individual spindle; deionized (DI) rinse cycle, standard; Heinicke exclusive triple filtration system that protects plumbing and pump from glass and miscellaneous debris; dual dosing system for liquid detergent and/or neutralizer rinse injection.
They were maintained in 15-psu (practical salinity unit) sterile-filtered seawater (water source 8 km off Beaufort, NC, diluted using deionized water), or in 15-psu water made using Instant Ocean salts (Aquarium Systems, Mentor, OH) and deionized water.
It is a leading designer and manufacturer of high purity fluid handling products, including air-operated diaphragm pumps and deionized water-heating systems, with annual revenues of $10 million.
A drop of distilled or deionized water is placed on the shell of an egg.