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Capacitive Deionization (CDI) For more information visit http://www.
CDT Systems currently has a patent license agreement with LLNL for Capacitive Deionization Technology for brackish water/sea water desalination and treatment of heat exchanger and boiler water, industrial and commercial process water and ultrapure industrial water.
New from Millipore Corporation is a cost-effective laboratory water purification system that can convert pretreated (distillation, deionization, reverse-osmosis) water to ultrapure (Type I) water.
To create this "clean" water, which is typically graded as Type I (reagent grade), of ultrapure, Type II (analytical grade) and Type III (laboratory grade), purification systems use one or a combination of techniques: distillation, deionization, ultraviolet oxidation or some type of filtration, such as carbon adsorption, microfiltration, ultrafiltration or reverse osmosis.
Word from the ROWPU headshed is the deionization cartridges, NSN 4610-01-116-0501, used in the removal of nuclear contaminants now have an extended shelf-life.
Purified: Any water that has been treated through deionization, distillation, reverse osmosis or other methods of removing metals, chemicals and flavor.
Independent analyses reveal that the combination of reverse osmosis and deionization is the only way to get water that is salt-, toxin-, and pollutant-free.
There are chapters on applications such as deionization and cosmetic formulation.
MPW's regeneration facilities serve clients within a 500-mile radius, restoring the exhausted resin from the company's mobile deionization systems back to an ionic form capable of purifying more water.
This method, known as capacitive deionization, employs an electric potential between porous carbon electrodes to draw salt ions out of water and concentrate them in a separate saline pool.
The E-Separation technology group includes electro-deionization, electrodialysis, capacitive deionization, reverse electrodialysis, electrodialysis reversal.
Veolia has selected Appear IQ enterprise mobile platform to design, manage and support a new mobile application with the aims to track pick-ups and deliveries and ensure the ultimate quality of its Service Deionization (SDI) activities.
The installation of a deionization cartridge will quickly pay for itself in extended slurry life.
Water --Atmospheric Water Generation --Capacitive Deionization --Electrodialysis --Forward Osmosis --Membrane Distillation --Microbial Fuel Cells --Reverse Osmosis --Smart Water Metering --Wastewater Nitrogen and Phosphorus Removal --Wastewater Direct Potable Reuse