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Whether the application is treating make-up water to reduce boiler blowdown and minimise fuel consumption, producing and recycling rinse water to improve painted or plated surface finishes or producing purified water for general manufacturing, the Rapide[TM] Strata is the most cost-effective deioniser available.
ELGA Process Water have introduced a new generation of its leading Rapide[TM] Strata deionisers.
ELGA Process Water has released the latest product in its RAPIDE range of ion exchange deionisers.
Among the new standard products rolling out of the ELGA Process Water Stoke factory will be the Rapide Strata and Rapide Strata Plus high efficiency ion exchange deionisers.
The most successful reverse flow regenerated deioniser of the 1990's was developed by Elga, whilst Permutit pioneered short cycle operation.
The old Permutit deioniser produced water of 5[micro]S/cm, so Ford approached Vivendi Water Systems, who now own Permutit, with a view to purchasing a replacement ion exchange plant that would meet the same quality criteria.
It is then recirculated to the clean rooms via a polishing system that includes boost pumps, Hypure 10/40 mixed bed deioniser cylinders, 0.
5 [Mu]/cm is required, a mixed-bed deioniser must be used in which the two types of resin are intimately mixed in a single pressure vessel.
MTB has recently installed a 'Scion 500' deioniser to stringently rinse components after chemical pre-treatment.
Developed for maximum operational flexibility, the deionisers can operate in duplex mode to enable continuous water production and increased capacity.
But forget about proton packs and deionisers, retired company director Brian Perrington and "sidekick" Claire Williams bring just themselves.
Among the new standard products will be the Rapide Strata and Rapide Strata Plus high efficiency ion exchange deionisers.
The FILTERMAT is used both as a stand alone unit solving a particular problem and as pre treatment to Deionisers or Reverse Osmosis systems.
Using proven Scion short cycle technology together with a revolutionary pulse regeneration sequence to produce high purity deionised water, the Rapide Strata has running and effluent costs up to 40 per cent lower, and chemical efficiencies up to 50 per cent better than conventional deionisers.