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Also featured in this issue is the Variable Salinity Plant, a technology pioneered by PUB to flexibly treat both brackish and seawater, a new electrochemical desalination process that aims to halve the energy requirements for desalination, and a capacitive deionisation technology that increases NEWater recovery from 75% to over 90%.
Electrodeionisation (Dow Electrodeionisation) Technology: It is the first cost effective and environmentally friendly alternative to post-RO deionisation applications.
The two most widely used packages are deionisation and reverse osmosis.
The equipment may include amongst others GCMS, water deionisation system, PH meter, thermometer, Nanodrop spectrophotometer, GMO detection systems, pipettes, incubator, water distiller, samplers and probes
Derwent Water are pleased to announce the launch of their new state of the art counter current, short cycle, deionisation system offering reliable, economical and energy efficient operation.
Additionally, ion exchange deionisation and continuous electrodeionisation processes operate much more efficiently if dissolved carbon dioxide is removed upstream.
DOW Electrodeionisation technology - It is the first cost-effective and environmentally friendly alternative to post-RO deionisation applications.
Because of its properties, however, it is poisonous and can also damage delicate process equipment like reverse osmosis membranes and deionisation resin units.
Developments in desalination technologies will be in the fields of carbon fibres, graphene membranes, aquaporins, capacitive deionisation and solar desalination.
It was back then that Walter Lorch, the founder of ELGA Process Water, pioneered a new approach to water purification: service deionisation (SDI).
But by improving the feedwater quality through softening, dealkalisation, reverse osmosis or deionisation it is possible to reduce blowdown, improve boiler efficiency and save money.
For the recovery of demineralised water from the production line, EWS supplied cartridge filtration, an activated carbon filtration unit feeding a bespoke duplex deionisation plant which was specifically designed to ensure it was robust enough to deal with the return water quality.
To ensure that no water-side problems reduce the system efficiency, the 5km long piping system was cleaned and flushed and then filled with 60,000 litres of high purity deionised water from one of ELGA Process Water's Aquamove MoFi mobile deionisation units.
It was Propak's choice to have water filtration and recycling fitted as well as deionisation of the final rinse water, which results in a further financial saving through reduced water usage.