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Electrodialysis (ED), Electrodialysis Reversal (EDR) & Deionisation (EDI)
Additionally, ion exchange deionisation and continuous electro deionisation processes operate much more efficiently if dissolved carbon dioxide is removed upstream.
ELGA LabWater's years of experience and the use of the latest multi-technology processes encompassing reverse osmosis, deionisation, photo-oxidation andmicrofiltration, ensure that MEDICA(R) systems cost-effectively and efficiently deliver a feed of purified water with the high reliability that healthcare environments demand.
A device which uses the process of deionisation of water to leave a streak-free clean without the need to squeegee off excess water.
AquaOmnes is a new technology removing salts from water through saline water deionisation by liquid-liquid absorption.
Also featured in this issue is the Variable Salinity Plant, a technology pioneered by PUB to flexibly treat both brackish and seawater, a new electrochemical desalination process that aims to halve the energy requirements for desalination, and a capacitive deionisation technology that increases NEWater recovery from 75% to over 90%.
DOW Electrodeionisation technology - It is the first cost-effective and environmentally friendly alternative to post-RO deionisation applications.
Because of its properties, however, it is poisonous and can also damage delicate process equipment like reverse osmosis membranes and deionisation resin units.