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Synonyms for deign



Synonyms for deign

to descend to a level considered inappropriate to one's dignity

Synonyms for deign

do something that one considers to be below one's dignity

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He drops his two keys back into his pocket one by one, and buttons them up; he takes his dinner-bundle from the chair-back on which he hung it when he came in; he distributes the weight he carries, by tying the third key up in it, as though he were an Ostrich, and liked to dine off cold iron; and he gets out of the room, deigning no word of answer.
Rout, without deigning a word, smoked austerely, nursing his right elbow in the palm of his left hand.
So, Fanny sat down with a meekness which, in the junction of extremes, became defiance; and her father, either not deigning to answer, or not knowing what to answer, summoned Mr Tinkler into his presence.
Show him up,' said the barmaid to a waiter, without deigning another look at the exquisite, in reply to his inquiry.
Pickwick's character, for he walked away without deigning any reply.
prophet' is right, he is right when he sets a battery across the street and blows up the innocent and the guilty without deigning to explain
Supreme Court issued an opinion affirming both portions of the judgment without even deigning to hear arguments.
nThe Tucson Open hasn't exactly captured the spread firms' imagination,with only IG deigning to get involved.
Yet he swooped in to plop down on the event while even some who had spent months of their own work to make it happen acted as though it was Jackson's deigning to associate himself with us that gave our effort luster and legitimacy.
In that book he left the matter there, not deigning to exhibit precisely what it is about the symbolic component of joint action that undercuts libertarian political philosophy.
A scheduled march of the animals is mainly for other animals, cats seldom deigning to parade.
It is hard not to share Odendahl's ill-concealed rage as she watches multimillionaires smugly avoid taxes by endowing symphony orchestras and prep schools, while not deigning to notice social problems more serious than the absence of a Van Gogh in the Tulsa art museum.
But now he's a no-hoper along with everyone else deigning to wear a Lions' shirt in New Zealand.
But now they can earn up to pounds 5,000 extra a year for deigning to do the basic minimum.