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Synonyms for deign



Synonyms for deign

to descend to a level considered inappropriate to one's dignity

Synonyms for deign

do something that one considers to be below one's dignity

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The Buli of Gatoka, seated on his best mat, surrounded by his chief men, three busy fly-brushers at his back, deigned to receive from the hand of his herald the whale tooth presented by Ra Vatu and carried into the mountains by his cousin, Erirola.
Li Tang Fwung, the power behind the Dragon Throne, deigned to reply.
He now deigned to look at me and smiled as if amused.
There was nothing very inviting in the object, but Mr Nickleby was wrapt in a brown study, and sat contemplating it with far greater attention than, in a more conscious mood, he would have deigned to bestow upon the rarest exotic.
No matter,' was all the captain deigned to say in answer.
Having relieved his mind by this energetic proceeding, he condescended to approach the festive board, and warming by degrees, at length deigned to preside, and even to enchant the company with a song.
Our skilled craftsmen build new deigned furniture to upholstery and YES we renovate existing furniture as part of our services.
While the maid of honour wore floral diamond earring studs deigned by white Jimmy Choos and lily of the valley flowers in her hair.
A WEARSIDE lecturer has deigned a publicity poster that will go on display across London.
We taxpayers who have to view the outrageous misspent money because we actually live in the town, whereas, many councillors and those who deigned the changes, do not.
BIOCOR Series of aseptic air-operated diaphragm pumps are deigned for sterile applications within the pharmaceutical industry.
Until earlier this month, however, the Michelin guide hadn't deigned to notice until that Fraiche existed at all
Two Pakistani police officers were killed last Thursday in a raid deigned to free the kidnapped Iranian diplomat, Heshmatollah Attarzadeh-Niaki.
The program, which aims to gather a comprehensive archive of Arab accomplishments and creations and to present it in a top-ten bouquet, has deigned to dedicate an entire episode to Arab jewelry designers.
The center is deigned to help patients manage diabetes related to a number of different factors, including type I and type II diabetes management, insulin pump usage, blood pressure, lipid and weight management, she said.