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Synonyms for deign



Synonyms for deign

to descend to a level considered inappropriate to one's dignity

Synonyms for deign

do something that one considers to be below one's dignity

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It is certainly lost on a frail and vulnerable pensioner having to stay in hospital until the council deign to provide the care so desperately needed.
ME: 'Oddly enough, the vast majority of those politicians who did deign to reply were opposed to any such law.
Many respondents objected that we no longer use deign except ironically, as in "Would you deign to close that door?
There were several gratuitous PDF files (I accidentally clicked one and had to wait the standard half hour for Acrobat Reader to deign to open it) but, joy of joys, the text size can be varied by the user.
Ronald Witt's interpretation of humanism as a neo-classicizing stylistic and aesthetic ideal, beginning well before Petrarch with poetry and later extending to prose, is a position Levi does not even deign to mention.
Paul Getty Museum, Los Angeles) Very exciting to have the Getty deign to consider, much less commission, works by contemporary artists, yet despite the generally excellent roster, "Departures" was a dud--save for Prina's Vinyl IL Museological interrogation and dirge in the guise of a musical meditation on two paintings in the Getty's collection--one that looks like a de la Tour but isn't, the other a de la Tour that looks like it's by somebody else--the referential impact of the film skids gorgeously on the third meaning, the unquantifiable fun of Prina's bright red jumpsuit, and the elegiac tonalities of his singing voice.
We, tiny bits of protoplasm in a limitless universe, deign to speak to the Creator of all this, and we expect God to return our calls
ModaCAD design markets and supports advanced virtual reality, rendering and modeling software for industrial design and retail customers in the home furnishings, apparel, textile and home deign industries.
Postmodernists deign to argue precisely this point, often in interesting ways.
It is beyond belief that he has resorted to using the columns of The Journal- and for ncjMedia to deign to give him the benefit of the column inches - to tell the world that he's lost the contents of his email boxes ("Please send important emails again", Voice of the North, November 15).
Sir - i was flattered that someone as exalted as Dr Robyn Lewis should deign to reply to my abysmally ignorant letter.
He spends considerable space excoriating people who deign to like instant coffee, Starbucks coffee, Robusta coffee, espresso, or any number of so-called specialty blends.
Which in plain English means these people are either too lazy or too scared to go back to work but either way they're to be rewarded if they deign to go back.
How granting amnesty to millions of foreign lawbreakers enhances our national security, the president did not deign to explain.
She would not be entitled to vote, everything she possesses would legally be her husband's and, in all probability, the Birmingham Post would not deign to publish correspondence from a disenfranchised, penniless non-entity.