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consider as a god or godlike

exalt to the position of a God

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In Post Life Return of the Biba fashion label, how to build a Roman villa, and an interview with comedian Richard Herring In Post Property A grand Grade II-listed Georgian home filled with happy memories for its former owners In countries that truly celebrate food, as opposed to deifying it, food is part of birminghampost.
It's like deifying George Michael for Careless Whisper and ignoring the rubbish he's served up since.
It's a project that could have only come from a familial connection--reverent but not deifying, as Illa comes to terms with the loss of a family member while simultaneously stepping out on his own.
1:26-27's image and likeness as progression from participation in the characteristics of God's essence (for example, immortality) to participation in the characteristics of God's energies (for example, impassibility, patience); and humanity's mediatorial vocation predicated on its microcosmic nature; (3) Christ, who as the enfleshed (that is, passible) Logos is the deified and deifying corporeal bridge for the deification of all human beings, (4) the Church as a community of faith mediating grace especially through the corporeal acts of the sacraments; and (5) the Christian, especially the Christian's body--even that body's passibility--as an anagogically deifying gift of God.
of Notre Dame), who also provides an introduction describing the personal and literary relationship between the two writers, the volume is important for several reasons, most notably Bunin's attempt to rescue Chekhov's writings from distorting political and aesthetic assessments by Soviets, Russian emigres (of whom Bunin was one), and Westerners alike; Bunin's humanizing opposition to the all-too-Russian deifying cult of the writer; and Bunin's judgement that Chekhov's short stories were superior to his dramas both artistically and as critiques of modernity.
Ronald Reagan's death has spurred a stampede of saccharine reports on his life -- idolizing, almost deifying the former president.
Geering argues that, in deifying the person Jesus, Christianity was unconsciously transferring prime importance from gods to human beings.
Resolutions deifying tolerance gain ground when their supporters do a brilliant sleight-of-hand move, meant to selectively obscure truth and cause freedoms of speech to vanish.