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  • verb

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consider as a god or godlike

exalt to the position of a God

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I like the idea that the goddess Ishtar is best understood as deified adrenaline.
For too long now as a nation, we've celebrated, deified the money men, while the real achievers--the people who managed and built and fixed real businesses--were treated with a sometimes barely concealed contempt.
As Cooper himself acknowledges, however, no one has heretofore focused on the soteriological and eschatological significance of the deified body in Maximus's theology.
Alternately deified and reviled, Smith has been at the center of intermittent controversy (most famously for the song "Rock N' Roll Nigger" from 1978's Easter) but has created a consistently compelling and honest body of work.
Their inability to handle animals, either because they were deified or reviled, meant the contract went to a Korean shipyard.
Olson is currently a professor of history at Harvey Mudd College and has published Science Deified and Science Defied (1990) and The Emergence of the Social Sciences (1993).
But then Japan coach Philippe Troussier was clearly not as convinced as the fans, who deified the midfielder.
He receives immense strength, command over wolves, and the ability to see through the eyes of ravens, and embarks on a bloody trek from chieftan to deified ruler of a new barbarian race.
The dual effect of the deified creature's being brought to the Father is therefore not only a psychic transformation but a physical incorruptibility and integrity as well.
He's almost deified by them, especially those in the management game.
According to recent reports, lesbians are routinely deified services from clinics nationwide that either explicitly refuse to serve them or, more subtly, serve only women who are married--to men.
Our presidential holy trinity, Washington, Jefferson, and Lincoln, are deified in soaring temples of marble and towers of granite.
Even the government in Bolivia, where the old-style left is still a major factor, has opened a trail so that tourists like these can walk the final steps of the nearly deified Guevara.
He was never surrounded by the love that he really wanted, even though he was lauded and applauded and deified.
John Barnes was deified when he weaved his magic in Rio against Brazil and then butchered as his international career failed to live up to those heights.