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a word specifying identity or spatial or temporal location from the perspective of a speaker or hearer in the context in which the communication occurs


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The RFT Approach to Self: Deictic, Distinction, and Hierarchical Relations
This rawness is often foregrounded by the employment of deictics signaling internal focalization: "Nathan's eulogist praised just those exploitative aspects of Carnovsky that Henry had never been able to forgive and wanted least to hear about at a time like this" (192).
As designators, nouns are analogous to the deictics "this" or "that": They behave like pointing fingers.
2) In its simplest version, Deictic Shift Theory argues that the deictic centre "is the conceptual substitute for the discourse situation within the fictional world" (Segal 174).
The relationship they bear to history is not mimetic or referential but rather what might be called deictic by analogy to the linguistic category of deixis.
The observation that mothers of prelinguistic infants with DS use fewer nominal deictics and nouns (the two measures being correlated) than mothers of TD prelinguistic infants, even if valid (given that it has not been replicated in other studies) does not demonstrate that maternal speech to prelinguistic infants with DS is detrimental to lexical development.
18) The illusion is especially complete in the London tour, where the combination of the reader's experiential frame knowledge of urban environments and a body tour perspective enforced by a variety of place and time deictics, frequentatives (e.
The pronouns "I" and "you" (and other deictics, such as "here" and "this") Benveniste tells us "do not refer to 'reality' or to 'objective' positions in space or time but to the utterance, unique each time, that contains them".
Among Lavukaleve demonstratives there are paradigms of demonstrative pronouns and demonstrative modifiers, locative deictics, and a very rare set of demonstrative identifiers.
We first built up patterns for word classes: deictics (today, yesterday, etc.
Penn's increasing control of language and assertion of her subjectivity become more evident through a close examination of the social deictics speech acts and speech thoughts, lexis and figures of speech within the text.
This article examines the nature and function of deictics in a prose text.
The nominal demonstratives form part of the function of Deictics, which are used for specifying by identity, both non-specific and specific, including forms of identity based on reference (Halliday & Hasan).
These morphemes can be used as verbal prefixes, with suffixes as adverbs and adjectives, in combination with deictics and demonstratives, and as postpositions.
One way in which the underlying linguistic theory is narrowed for application is that little attention is paid to context (micro or macro) in the analyses, which tend to rely on a statistical approach to the use of verb forms and tenses, or, for direct and indirect speech, the presence or absence of a verbum dicendi and the use of certain deictics of time and place to indicate means of narratorial control and comment.