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a word specifying identity or spatial or temporal location from the perspective of a speaker or hearer in the context in which the communication occurs


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2012) proposed a functional overlap between ACT's three selves and the deictic or perspective-taking relations proposed by relational frame theory (RFT; Hayes et al.
Hannah indicates how this is done with the comment 'Press the big button', followed by 'Put them in there' as she points to the screen (a deictic movement).
This becomes especially problematic when it is not acknowledged how I continue to embody a group whose subjectivity or identity is mirrored not only in the deictic domain, but also in the symbolic field.
The function of the deictic constituents, as their name implies, is to point out various features of the scientific research object in the course of a thorough description of a sub-theme.
In the following, I give examples for the deictic use of space in TID temporal language, mainly lexical items.
From Theocritus and Virgil's classical elegies to the reinvigoration of the form by, among others, Ben Jonson and John Milton, the deictic "here" (or the Latin hic) orients readers in a consolatory pastoral landscape: here are sweetly humming bees, here are cool springs, here is where the daisies grow.
Beyond this first distinction, Fludernik identifies three modes of present tense in narrative: "(a) the deictic use of the present tense to refer to the narrator's and/or reader's here and now; (b) the intermittent use of the present tense in a past tense context; and (c) the consistent use of the present tense (either in the entire text, or in long passages of the text)" (124).
However, despite the importance of deixis in FID and despite the fact that reproducing them does not pose any problem in Farsi, there are some cases where such deictic expressions have been left untranslated: "For having lived in Westminster--how many years now?
So-called deictic gestures like "pointing" and "holding up of objects" are used by children for the first time at the age of nine to twelve months, before they produce their first spoken words.
Here are three typical examples of deictic shift, and the defensive laughter it compels.
Djenar (2001) explores deictic (spatial relationship relative to the speakers) and anaphoric ('psychological' positioning of the speakers) use of 'locative' (place) pronouns in Indonesian; and self-categorisation in pronoun choice and use (Djenar, 2006; Djenar, 2007).
In the final panel, USEK's Talal Wehbe will present a paper, in French, whose title might well be translated as "Proximal and distal deictic expressions in Gibran's 'Madman:' the cultural roots.
In the sub-chapters that follow there are detailed analyses of the morphophonological, semantic and syntactic facets of the nominal categories: case, number, deictic markers, nominal conjugation markers, the clitic -gak and the adnominal-type person in parts of speech.
Assessing deictic relational responding in social anhedonia: A functional approach to the development of theory of mind impairments.
For students who are blind, raised-line materials replace the graphic, but access to the gestural or deictic behavior of the teacher remains a challenge (Supalo, 2005).