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make or become free of frost or ice

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In addition, the Deicing Manager features a number of predictive elements that facilitate better de-icing process planning, including estimated de-icing queue entry, pad entry, occupancy and exit times, and the generation of recommended pushback times that help to limit queue lengths.
Compass Minerals (NYSE:CMP), a producer of minerals, sulfate of potash specialty fertiliser and magnesium chloride, disclosed on Wednesday that increased snow activity in its core service areas has resulted in its highway deicing sales volumes rising above its 2012 results.
Under the new agreement with ThermoEnergy, Contego will use ThermoEnergya[euro](tm)s CASTion Aircraft Deicing Fluid Recovery System to enable it to recover and recycle 98% to 99% purity glycol from the collected fluid.
3]: Degradable by Design Deicer: Runway/Pavement and Aircraft Deicing Fluids.
Although the ingredients in some deicing chemicals are used as fertilizers, it is important to remember that even fertilizers can cause die back and browning when over applied.
The three primary deicing chemicals are sodium chloride (salt, road salt, rock salt, halite), calcium chloride, and magnesium chloride.
Compass Minerals' highway deicing sales volume, which includes all highway maintenance products sold in the U.
M2 EQUITYBITES-April 14, 2011-Compass Minerals reports Q1 weather data and highway deicing sales volume(C)2011 M2 COMMUNICATIONS http://www.
I just received the November 2008 issue of The Aviation Consumer and read the article on deicing.
The airplane taxied to the de-icing ramp and its wings and tail were de-iced with about 160 gallons of Type I deicing fluid at 0644.
The benefits of zero velocity deicing are allowing many states to save money, while also providing a means to make more roads safe in a timely manner.
Compass Minerals (NYSE: CMP) has published its fourth-quarter 2011 highway deicing sales volume and regional weather data on its website at www.
Kilfrost's ABC-S PLUS, in particular, offers extended anti-icing holdover protection to lengthen the time between winter servicing of aircraft (primarily medium to small in size), which reduces the quantity of deicing and anti-icing.
SAGINAW, Michigan is using an anticorrosive deicer on four bridges to control snow and ice while reducing the amount of corrosion caused by conventional deicing products.
Aircraft deicers are used to spray deicing fluid onto the frame of an aircraft frame to remove snow and/or ice which may have accumulated on the aircraft surface.