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Synonyms for deice

make or become free of frost or ice

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Surface anti-icing keeps the airframe clear of ice accretion, eliminating the performance loss from pre-activation and inter-cycle ice accretion associated with deice protection systems.
The company will be competent to deice planes as large as a Boeing 767, Vaughan said.
While most people and even the manufacturer talk about it as a deice system, it will not deice light rime ice nor will it deice clear ice once it has frozen into the pores.
Hybrid systems that use forced air in combination with low-flow glycol applicators to significantly reduce the amounts of glycol required to deice an aircraft have been successfully tested, and are being implemented on a limited basis.
The DOT also noticed it could deice more roads in less time.
Saginaw looked for a product that would deice as well as salt, but would also reduce corrosion.
The Boeing 787 uses a pioneering electro thermal ice protection system that eliminates the need to use hot air from the jet engines to deice the wings in flight.
On June 24, 2004 Radiant announced that the Port Authority of New York New Jersey Board of Commissioners approved the acquisition of Radiant's InfraTek deicing system that is able to deice aircraft as large as a B747-300 for installation at JFK.