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Synonyms for deice

make or become free of frost or ice

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The company will be competent to deice planes as large as a Boeing 767, Vaughan said.
Hybrid systems that use forced air in combination with low-flow glycol applicators to significantly reduce the amounts of glycol required to deice an aircraft have been successfully tested, and are being implemented on a limited basis.
The facility is expected to be operational for this 2004/2005 winter season and will be able to deice aircraft as large as a Boeing 747-300.
Kennedy International Airport will be able to deice aircraft as large as a B747-300 at a new facility installed by Radiant Energy that will use infrared energy to melt and evaporate ice and snow, under a project approved by the Port Authority Board of Commissioners today.
The order consists of the Extended Reach Deicer Model ER 2875, which the Air Force uses to deice C-5 and C-17 aircraft.
Radiant Energy Corporation, the developer and marketer of InfraTek, the innovative patented, infrared aircraft deicing system, announced today that American Airlines has secured FAA approval to use InfraTek to deice its aircraft, and to include Radiant's deicing system into the airline's General Procedures Manual (GPM).