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remove hydrogen from

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It must be emphasized that the potent antibacterial activity of coleon U (1), the only abietane with the more oxygenated and dehydrogenated chromophoric system through rings B and C (a diosphenolic oxohydroquinone, characteristic of a coleon-type abietane).
In the dominant production process for styrene monomer today, ethylene and benzene react to form ethylbenzene, which is then dehydrogenated to styrene in the presence of an iron catalyst.
Hydrocodone, a phenanthrene derivative, is a dehydrogenated ketone codeine derivative.
Gerdes and Leistner (1979) demonstrated that the diamine oxidase was dehydrogenated cadaverine in B.
Employed in a new reactor section coupled with existing finishing facilities, the technology will enable the production of a dehydrogenated mixture containing styrene monomer.
According to the supplier, C20A was modified with dimethyl dehydrogenated tallow ammonium chloride salt.
The research team made a breakthrough when it discovered that a specific form of dehydrogenated fuel, called polyborazylene, could be recycled with relative ease using modest energy input.
The ethylbenzene will be dehydrogenated to form styrene with a Fina/Badger process using an improved deep vacuum design.
In addition, commercial Cloisite 30B and Cloisite 20A organoclays were also used, which were modified with different functional treatments namely methyl, tallow, bis-2-hydroxyetyl, quaternary ammonium (MT2Et0H), and dimethyl, dehydrogenated tallow, quaternary ammonium (2M2HT), respectively.