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remove hydrogen from

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1995, Carbonization of coal-tar pitch dehydrogenated by sulphur, Ceramics-Silikaty, 39 (3), 19-104.
Gerdes and Leistner (1979) demonstrated that the diamine oxidase was dehydrogenated cadaverine in B.
Prednisone, a dehydrogenated analogue of cortisone, is an anti-inflammatory agent used, but used sparingly, in the treatment of multiple sclerosis.
In a separate process, we catalytically dehydrogenated denatured ethanol to form ethylene gas.
Employed in a new reactor section coupled with existing finishing facilities, the technology will enable the production of a dehydrogenated mixture containing styrene monomer.
The research team made a breakthrough when it discovered that a specific form of dehydrogenated fuel, called polyborazylene, could be recycled with relative ease using modest energy input.
It must be emphasized that the potent antibacterial activity of coleon U (1), the only abietane with the more oxygenated and dehydrogenated chromophoric system through rings B and C (a diosphenolic oxohydroquinone, characteristic of a coleon-type abietane).
The ethylbenzene will be dehydrogenated to form styrene with a Fina/Badger process using an improved deep vacuum design.