dehydrated food

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food preserved by dehydration

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People worried about the millennium bug bringing our food distribution system to a halt are cleaning out dehydrated food supplies.
Pete Stivers and Marlo Hill-Stivers, with their children Sabastyan, nine, and Gabrayell, eight, and Mr Stivers's mother and stepfather, Elbert and Becky Hig-ginbotham, survived on dehydrated food and kept their spirits up during the ordeal with jokes from the Reader's Digest.
Conrad, who owns Karpet Mill in Kingston Park, Newcastle, and Hilary are looking forward to a reunion with their children Laura, 23, and Joel, 21 and something more substantial than the dehydrated food they have been surviving on.
That includes dehydrated food,clothes and medical equipment like anti -snake venom.
It has a six-inch-thick front door, three-foot-deep walls, an air filtration system, 500-gallon water tanks and a dehydrated food store that could keep two people alive for five years after a nuclear attack.
For three weeks, he blundered through almost impenetrable jungle and rivers in 40C(105F) heat with only two packets of dehydrated food to eat.
After the Northridge Earthquake, Wright's family was prepared with kits that included blankets, water, dehydrated food and flashlights.
com/research/q2pmdd/dried_and_dehydrat) has announced the addition of Supplier Relations US, LLC's new report "Dried and Dehydrated Food Manufacturing Industry in the U.
We'll be having one good meal a day and a couple of snacks, but it's all going to be army-style rations - the finest dehydrated food, which always tastes like cardboard.
com/research/0fd7fd/dried_and_dehydrat) has announced the addition of Supplier Relations US, LLC's new report "Dried and Dehydrated Food Manufacturing Industry in the U.
Wise Company dehydrated food and freeze dried emergency entrees and breakfasts are packaged in durable pouches and then put into long lasting storage containers and grab-and-go kits.
He revealed: "I took lots of dehydrated food with me but I couldn't stomach it.
We took three weeks worth of dehydrated food and plenty of baby food for Freya.
The Wise donation package of freeze-dried and dehydrated food has been designed to provide 3 servings of food per day to more than 4,200 people for a total of seven days.
For three weeks Clive wandered lost as the temperatures soared to 105F, surviving only on fruit and two packets of dehydrated food.