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Synonyms for dehydrated

suffering from excessive loss of water from the body

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preserved by removing natural moisture

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Once dehydrated in drying rooms, these fruits can be shipped from remote Xinjiang to other places, raising sales and farmers' income.
If you're dehydrated and have a stroke, like Linda, you are likely to have a worse short-term outcome than if you were well hydrated at the time of your stroke.
Ms Phillips added: "As April's teeth were so rotten she couldn't eat or drink and arrived at the centre terribly dehydrated.
Absolute alcohol (dehydrated ethyl alcohol), dehydrated samples for papanicolaou (gal),alcohol acid 0.
New York, Oct 12 ( ANI ): Pedialyte, the electrolyte-loaded liquid, which is given to dehydrated babies, has become popular among adults for hangover cure.
DEHYDRATED FACE SYMPTOMS: Tight-feeling skin which may have a crepey appearance, especially if you've suffered sunburn.
Better reflecting the business' commitment to, and expertise in, innovative natural product solutions, Sensient Dehydrated Flavors LLC, Milwaukee, WI, has changed its name to Sensient Natural Ingredients LLC.
Secretary of State Hillary Clinton suffered a concussion when she fainted after becoming dehydrated from a stomach bug, UPI quoted her office as saying Saturday.
SENSIENT TECHNOLOGIES CORPORATION +1 800 558 9892 announced that it has promoted Alejandro Ballesteros to the position of President, Sensient Dehydrated Flavors.
Similar wonder was made by Dr F Batmanghelidj who used the water miracle to turn a dehydrated patient into a healthy person.
The dirty, dehydrated and 'very smelly' albino rats were discarded in a hedge in a Wrexham Council food bin