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make less humid

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Trust the industry experts in HVAC rentals; contact TEMP-AIR at (800) 836-7432 today to get a portable cooling or dehumidifying quote for the upcoming summer season.
As for the progress on the cleanup, management spokesperson Brian Moriarty, said, "We will continue dehumidifying the basements until the demolition process is complete.
NEW JOBS ON THE WAY John Elliott, founder and chairman of Bishop Auckland water cooler and dehumidifying company Ebac.
Installing a highly sophisticated dehumidifying system for such rare occurrences probably would be prohibitively costly, but up-to-date conventional HVAC equipment likely would suffice for virtually all eventualities.
In order to prevent further damage being caused by the damp air coming off the River Severn, engineers will be installing a dehumidifying system, which involves sealing the cables with a protective material and pumping dry air into the space in between.
Parents at Hawthorn Primary were contacted this morning by the school to collect their children, and have been told the school will reopen on Monday, as dehumidifying equipment is currently drying the affected walls.
Their allies in this effort are restoration firms that specialize in extracting water from the premises, drying out the building by circulating the air and dehumidifying it, and then restoring any damaged goods, such as paper documents, microfiche, film and diskette files.
Cooling and dehumidifying all of that additional air in the summer and humidifying it in the winter requires more energy and thus greater cost.
ATT's patented air conditioning process purported to reduce the cost of cooling and dehumidifying buildings by 30-40 percent.
Comparative analyses showed that a concrete building could keep the temperature above dew-point, so that condensation did not occur and dehumidifying plant could be kept to a minimum; and in effect, the Foster and Arup engineers have devised a structure that is self-regulating - within limits.
We brought up the idea of dehumidifying the incoming air with a chap in Denver who specializes in air conditioning mines," Hosker says.
is enlarging its line in room air conditioners to 16 models for 1996, including an unusual three-function pair for cooling, heating and dehumidifying.
The use of desiccant dehumidifying as a shell drying agent was described as a solution for drying rate control.
From Houston to San Antonio and Austin, Texas to Wichita, Kansas, HTS Texas has supplied water- and air-cooled chiller systems, air-handling units, fan coil units, specialty dehumidifying equipment and other large-scale HVAC systems to provide hotels energy savings with a focus on using noise management "do not disturb" control systems for optimal guest experience.
AIRFLOW: Measured in cubic feet per minute (CFM), the airflow of a dehumidifying dryer is the fourth fundamental drying parameter.