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make less humid

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An AC of correct size will remove humidity effectively as it cools, while a unit that is oversized will turn on and off too frequently, leading to loss of efficiency and the ability to properly dehumidify the home.
Bag Dogs[TM] deodorize and dehumidify travel bags with a lasting (quite strong, actually) cedar aroma.
Some other tips are to run heating and air conditioning systems regularly to clean, circulate and dehumidify indoor air; vacuum bed mattresses and launder bed linens weekly; houseclean to prevent dust accumulation -- vacuum carpets and rugs weekly; and keep relative humidity below 55 percent to offset dust mite and mold growth.
At Planet People, we instruct consumers to follow the 'Five Ds' to mitigate mold issues: Detect It, Dry It, Ditch It, Deactivate It and Dehumidify It.
However, considering the need to dehumidify the outside air, which is often in excess of 90 per cent relative humidity, this would be hard to avoid altogether, and with concrete providing thermal mass, mechanical plant is only required to be active for a few hours a day to pre-condition the spaces.
Covered with a moist membrane, turbinates humidify and warm air going into the lungs and dehumidify air on its way out, thus cutting down on water loss.
For example, when Hyatt built the 214-room Hyatt Place hotel and conference center, HTS Texas proposed a design using specialized dehumidifying HVAC equipment which included more than 222 fan coil units and two large McQuay roof top units, allowing the hotel to dehumidify outside air before bringing it inside the building.