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make less humid

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Two Icedry machines were installed - an ML1350 model which dehumidifies the six air locks on one side of the cold store, and an ML1100 which dehumidifies the remaining four.
Kathabar's Kathapac 2500FV conditioner dehumidifies plant air and a 6FP regenerator unit regenerates the desiccant in a separate stream to prevent cross contamination.
For two reasons: First, in the winter, the heating of homes, shopping malls and other buildings such as transportation terminals, dehumidifies the air.
Since it uses water as a refrigerant, it eliminates the use of hazardous chemicals (CFCs and HCFCs), dehumidifies the air and improves indoor air quality by removing harmful pollutants and odors.
New technology from Israel that dehumidifies, cleanses and cools the air has recently been introduced to the U.
The DESI/AIR 12000 dehumidifies air, requires less cooling capacity from the central air conditioning system and makes for greater comfort in the work area through an even distribution of cool air.
ICC's gas-powered DESI/AIR system dehumidifies and cools indoor air without the use of ozone-depleting refrigerants, such as CFCs.