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make less humid

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The fans provide a low-cost cooling solution that dehumidifies stagnant air in the summer and reduces the company's carbon footprint in winter months by bringing down and recirculating heated air that rises to the ceiling.
comes with digital RH meter, drying unit with a fan that quickly dehumidifies, and tightly sealing lockable doors.
Cooling is provided using ground water that pre-cools and dehumidifies the incoming air, and then runs through high-level cooling convectors in the offices for additional effect.
Two Icedry machines were installed - an ML1350 model which dehumidifies the six air locks on one side of the cold store, and an ML1100 which dehumidifies the remaining four.
Kathabar's Kathapac 2500FV conditioner dehumidifies plant air and a 6FP regenerator unit regenerates the desiccant in a separate stream to prevent cross contamination.