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make less humid

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Eva-Dry is the first dehumidifier to combine efficiency with an eco-friendly process to eliminate moisture damage and odors in small enclosed areas.
A line of children's book with parts that pose a choking hazard and dehumidifiers that can overheat and catch fire are among this week's recalled consumer products.
Our processes use lots of water and heat to dry the plaster," said Mr Davis, "but we have installed a thermostatically controlled device and dehumidifier to cut energy.
Basically, he wanted to make and design a large dehumidifier.
Dehumidifier introductions are electronic units at 45 and 65 pints, and a half-pint mini-machine for closets, pantries and smaller rooms.
In this research, Frost & Sullivan's expert analysts thoroughly examine the following technologies: evaporative and steam humidifiers as well as refrigerant-based and desiccant-based dehumidifiers.
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A dehumidifier isn't something you want to spend too much time thinking about so we've simplified the customer experience incorporating technologies in Haier dehumidifiers that make operation and maintenance simple," said Rain Cain, svp of sales and marketing, Haier America.
Also available is our new large capacity 75W portable dehumidifier, measuring 22 x 34 x 17cm, yet can suck up an amazing 350ml of water each day.
Concerned for the health of her daughter Shannon, 14, who suffers from asthma, Kim asked Coast and Country if they could at least provide a dehumidifier to get rid of the damp once the water receded.
The article in PS 645 (Aug 06) suggesting armorers run a dehumidifier in the arms room was good--Dug it; didn't; go far enough.
In the 1980s the company developed a domestic dehumidifier for home use, and later the first EBAC water cooler was launched.
The provision of In-Service Support for a range of Aircraft Dehumidifier Equipment (DH) including but not limited to;
In addition to creating a more comfortable home environment, a dehumidifier reduces the level of moisture in the home to help limit the growth of mold and mildew, which thrive in high-humidity environments.
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