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make less humid

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First, the drying air is dehumidified to a very low residual moisture content by filtering the air through a moisture-adsorbing desiccant material.
The machine would probably be located behind one of the end zones, with a hose extending to each bench to provide the dehumidified air for players who have the vests.
Although dancers differ in their individual responses to lengthy dance schedules and the decreased sunlight, dehumidified air, and hot stage lights of artificial environments, how they manage nourishment during intense dance periods will leave telltale signs.
Recognising its historic importance, he always garaged the E-type in a dehumidified garage, regularly maintained it and drove it only 200 to 300 miles a year in subsequent years.
52 seconds through a cooled, dehumidified air flow that is restricted to specified spatial boundaries.
As with GenVault's Personal Archive, the Desktop Archive has no backup or electrical requirements but maintains GenPlates in a clean, dehumidified environment.
Actually, in summer conditions air is dehumidified and cooled by best available technologies that use climate control systems based on a Vapor Compression Cycle (VCC), which cools air below its dew point.
Re-circulated air is constantly being filtered, cleaned and dehumidified.
The cooled and dehumidified air is then sent into the plant.
The company has invested over 150,000 [pounds sterling] and extended their existing premises by 4,000 sq ft to complete this air-conditioned dehumidified chocolate room.
A separated ducted air conditioning system is used to provide dehumidified and cooled ventilation air to the space.
Developed by Nike in conjunction with the equipment manager at Colorado, the cooling vests are worn under the shoulder pads and and have a receptacle that allows players on the sidelines to blow dehumidified air under their pads to keep cool during games.
Recommended processing conditions are 460[degrees]F to 530[degrees]F (238[degrees]C to 277[degrees]C), and dehumidified drying for 3 to 4 hours at a minimum of 175[degrees]F (79[degrees]C) and a maximum of 230[degrees]F (110[degrees]C).
The '92 car may have been in dehumidified storage for a decade but buyers weren't impressed.
Tenders are invited for Dehumidified Air Cooling Services At Process Sub-Station For Pcc 9/10, 11/12 And 13/14 Surrounding Area On Hire Basis At Mathura Refinery.