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make less humid

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The subject of the tender is to ensure dehumidification Winter Stadium in Prerov, using heat recovery units, located within the Winter Stadium in Prerov, including air ducts and electrical connection.
The core component in Munters dehumidification systems is the company's patented desiccant rotor.
We are very proud to introduce these versatile and cost-effective products to our full line of compact disposable dehumidification systems," states Ken Judd, Chief Financial Officer, Eva-Dry.
Insurance companies that have previous experience with using desiccant dehumidification and understand the 'science' behind the technology will most likely be more favorable to using desiccant equipment again-especially when they understand the positive results that these units offer.
Their limited dehumidification capability results in a limit on the amount of fresh outside air a unit can condition of about 20% of the total airflow.
These capabilities include the selection of Dehumidification Heat Pipes (DHPs) and Recovery Heat Pipes (HRMs) and the ability to calculate the Recovery Efficiency Ratio (RER) to determine true net savings.
Since 1997, the ASHRAE Handbook has included the design dew-point temperature and mean coincident dry-bulb temperature for use when calculating the required capacity of dehumidification systems.
For example, in order to make a new Italianate stucco villa with large sliding glass windows livable in Miami in the summer it takes a lot of air conditioning and dehumidification.
The archives are also passively environmentally controlled, reducing the need for complex air-conditioning and dehumidification systems, except in a small film archive.
Moisture control experts Munters together with Star Refrigeration have equipped a major new cold store with a dehumidification system.
Disaster Recovery contains listings for more than 3,000 vendors in 270 categories, such as drying and dehumidification of paper and microfilm records, smoke odor counteracting services, trauma counselors, salvage services, and temporary heating and cooling services.
But more processors are choosing dehumidification systems to keep both mold sweat and cycle times to a minimum.
Much of the gas industry's market development efforts are concentrated in the areas of central thermal fluid systems (CTFS); radiant (gas IR) heating for thermoforming; dehumidification and drying of resin pellets; and curing ovens.
In the new, expanded facility, HPT will be able to engage in expanded R&D and full-scale product testing of its innovative passive energy recovery and dehumidification systems.
Prior Information Notice: Dehumidification primary collector network in the statutory city of brno - stage.