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Synonyms for dehumanize

deprive of human qualities

make mechanical or routine


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This experience inflicts such devastating shame partly because the Old Fathers interpret being classified as unworthy of acceptance into a town populated by lighter-skinned African Americans as a dehumanizing judgment on their dark skin.
Anderson does deserve credit for pointing out the basic inhumanity of those policies, and through anecdotes he tries to combat the dehumanizing of criminals that allows the present treatment.
Dehumanizing the Vulnerable: When Word Games Take Lives also exposes the ideological underpinnings of the degrading designations, their devastating consequences, and the pervasive extent to which they have penetrated the most influential cultural and institutional sectors of society, including medicine, the law, politics, academia, and the media.
Christina Giannini's set of a huge parachute-like tree, a raffia-skirted shaman, and a narrative that is too ambitious for the choreography's literal and more intimately scaled portraits of the dehumanizing effects of urban life on natural man.
power structure, they should be intelligent enough to realize that dehumanizing gays, women and Jews isn't going to set black people free.
Too often, though, the dehumanizing bureaucracy of the LAUSD and the entrenched hackishness of its unions sap even the most inspired young teacher.
The way out of the dehumanizing effects of modern capitalism and industrialism is not to change the system but to read good books.
I wanted to make him and everyone in the room aware of the dehumanizing effect of trivializing such an important relationship.
She also believed Dworkin's view of sex as degrading and dehumanizing to women was basically accurate--for all sex outside a traditional marriage.
Worse, if other scholars did inquire into the dehumanizing trends that may have been present in the East, those scholars were likely to be labeled "Orientalists," an epithet that eventually became tantamount to "racist," and which served to marginalize them in the world of respectable scholarship.
As a continuous whole, the essays successfully accomplish their mission of chronicling the process by which blacks were divested of moral status through dehumanizing slavery and white Christian ideologies yet persevered against attacks on their personhood and humanity.
To Christanto, Indonesia's totalitarian state, with its longtime reign of fear and repression, has created a culture wrecked by a dehumanizing violence tantamount to genocide.
Their waits of four, five, and six hours were demeaning and dehumanizing.
I just think there are ways to do so with-out dehumanizing entire groups of people.