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Synonyms for dehumanize

deprive of human qualities

make mechanical or routine


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Arguing that we have consistently and seriously over-glamorized war, Linderman describes combat as a "disintegrative experience" that dehumanizes and demeans soldiers.
Indeed, Brownfield not only comes to accept the South but develops a perverse love of the world which dehumanizes him.
I was truly bothered and personally offended by this as it dehumanizes Antonio, who like many Latino professionals has worked hard to prove that as an American citizen of Mexican heritage he is just as capable of leading and doing right as any other American person is.
124:2), is a term that dehumanizes the men concerned and lessens the horror.
The death penalty dehumanizes us, not the killers; it brutalizes us as a society.
Perhaps the most extreme case against pornography is made by Andrea Dworkin, who holds "pornographers" responsible for "eroticizing inequality in a way that materially promotes rape, battery, maiming, and bondage," and for making a product "that they know dehumanizes, degrades and exploits women.
In its stead emerged a disheartening attitude that dehumanizes the poor and indigent classes, especially illegal immigrants, and spawns indifference to their plight.