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  • verb

Synonyms for dehumanise

deprive of human qualities

make mechanical or routine


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For me, part of the issue we have in trying to source sustainably or ethically is that we dehumanise our supply chain like it s just a list of number on a piece of paper.
Criminals who dehumanise vulnerable people and exploit them for profit must be stopped.
History has taught us that the first step to mistreat, or get rid of people is to dehumanise them, or treat them as sub-human.
Never again will I sympathise with the Jewish people while they allow their government to dehumanise and abuse the Palestinian civilians.
That can to a degree dehumanise how that care is delivered.
The thinly veiled hatred of his fellow man demonstrated in Mr Cole's letter reminds us only too well of the misguided beliefs and values of all of those who would seek to dehumanise any group of people.
Only the young, inexperienced soldier refuses to go along with the madness, as the other four dehumanise the woman and pump bullets into her brutalised body.
Defence counsel Tom Mesereau said the prosecution had made a "barbaric" bid to dehumanise the star.
Referring to immigrants as 'aliens' dehumanises the people who have contributed so much to the American success story
has evolved from its dictionary definitions into a tool that dehumanises and distances, a blunt pejorative," Malone wrote.
When people worship at the crib, he said, they are signing up to a world of justice, peace and sustainability, rejecting everything that dehumanises and degrades.
Dr Morgan said Christians could achieve this by being seen to live their lives by the gospel and through non-violent means, fighting "against everything that enslaves, degrades, and dehumanises human beings.
We are now seeing the culmination of that failing in the people she so callously dehumanises with provocative language I dare her to use when referring to any other social or ethnic group.
Too much exclusive use of electronic information dehumanises what is a very, very important part of community life and living together.
She objected to the sexist and threatening comments made by rapper Coolio, yet she is part of an industry which dehumanises women into objects, and portrays women as bodies, a pair of breasts and 'asking for it'.