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the act of degrading people with respect to their best qualities

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I believe this dehumanisation is cultivated through a process of Muslim-phobia.
Not "training", not promises - the public purse can well save on those systematic exercises in dehumanisation.
This included mothers who felt pressured to sacrifice their unborn children - by want, neglect, despair, philosophies and government policies that promote the dehumanisation of inconvenient human life.
It is this that is and will always be significant: state law facilitates the dehumanisation of our people.
For the older reader is the chill of knowing that one future of reality television could indeed be just like this, with bets being laid on the lethal strategies of contenders and the dehumanisation of the tributes being taken to a literal climax.
I think it really encapsulates the utter dehumanisation," he said.
As a witness to South African Apartheid, the artist says she is acutely aware of the dehumanisation that can occur when people are subjected to living on the edge of life.
These fears, paranoias, and perceived threats from the Arab "other" have been, and continue to be, symptomatic to this task of dehumanisation - a task that has played a fundamental role in the imperialist projects of our day:
I just think of horrible uniformity and dehumanisation, a coming age when every little town will have no other shops than just one enormous superstore.
Human rights organisations, the UN, African Union, etc--all have to do something to bring change and an end to the dehumanisation of these people.
Unless that temptation is resisted, the world will suffer the kind of dehumanisation that was once imagined only by novelists.