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prevent the growth of horns of certain animals

take the horns off (an animal)

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A study to compare circulating flunixin, meloxicam and gabapentin concentrations with prostaglandin E2 levels in calves undergoing dehorning.
BKC requires that all dehorning and N/A castration of animals be done before their arrival at stocking N/A operations or feedlots and the animals must be healed fully prior to transport.
Local anaesthetic should always be used for disbudding/dehorning in calves except when dehorning paste is used within the first week of life.
If I buy in machinery or equipment, I have to make it pay, which is why I offer clipping and dehorning services outside the farm.
The P938 doesn't have sharp edges, so dehorning won't be necessary, but in an ankle rig you might want just a bit of slimming.
The dehorning job on the Guardian allows a smooth uninterrupted draw from holster or pocket without worry; no more protruding sights or sharp edges to snag on loose pocket threads.
In evidence Campbell said he planned to use them for spraying weedkilling chemicals, drenching and dehorning cattle and for painting.
In a poem like "Law" which brings together the dehorning of cattle as seen by a youngster with images from the slaughter in Iraq, his breadth of vision is forcefully emphasized:
Thus, like dehorning, it probably has the effect of displacing poaching intensity to other areas, not stopping it altogether.
The slide and frame have been dehorned, but in an industrial process and not a hand-done dehorning.
Optimal weaning weight, good growth potential under feedlot and free range conditions, and applied animal husbandry such as dehorning, brand marking and animal health earned producers good points.
This has occurred because of changes in husbandry practices--from sterilization programs to dehorning, branding, and hormone injections--and from the overuse and misuse of antibiotics.
and provided the opportunity for mass murder, those who disarmed the victims in advance of their killer's arrival, a process akin to dehorning neutered cattle, because it makes butchering so much safer.
in the case of dehorning rhinos, which, despite making them less
Neonatal calves are often stressed in new environments, such as transport, weaning, vaccination, and dehorning (Krehbiel et al.