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19) Alternatively, they propose that the source of hemorrhage is dehiscence of the bony partition between the petrous apex air cell system and the bone marrow in the anterior temporal bone and clivus.
Sparks study demonstrates the effectiveness of the Company's products in showing a drop in postoperative infections in the test population versus the control group with stitch abscesses or dehiscences risks down two- thirds (66%) in post-operative orthopedic surgery.
Previous cesarean section, oxytocin administration, and fetal macrosomia increase the risk of uterine rupture or dehiscence (URD).
To our knowledge, this is the first report of a pediatric patient demonstrating bilateral posterior semicircular canal dehiscence.
Procedural complications included two deaths, four staple-line leaks (one of which required re-operation), two intraabdominal abscesses, five wound dehiscences, 22 wound infections, and two pulmonary emboli.
Congenital lesions arise in tegmental dehiscences, primarily at the junction of the petrous and squamous portions of the temporal bone.
Smith and his associates studied catastrophic consequences of uterine rupture, rather than including asymptomatic dehiscences discovered during cesarean deliveries, an unexpected risk emerged.
Orbital involvement of a fungal infection is usually the result of a propagation of the infection from the paranasal sinuses, either through the lamina papyracea or through congenital dehiscences in the bone.
Most of the dehiscences came within the first week after surgery.