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(biology) release of material by splitting open of an organ or tissue

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Postoperative superficial wound dehiscence can occur as a result of surgical factors such as wound infection and subcutaneous seroma/hematoma or systematic factors such as poor nutrition and wound ischemia.
As a result, flaps survived completely without necrosis or dehiscence.
The wall-bearing tapetum phase was ended at the tetrad developmental stage and Tapetum cells started breaking down prior to anther dehiscence, which was according to findings of Murgia et al.
It is also noteworthy for the superior semicircular canal dehiscence which most likely is an incidental finding.
One tactic employed in an attempt to decrease risk of sternal dehiscence is patient education in sternal precautions.
Compared to complete uterine rupture, uterine dehiscence has much lower maternal and neonatal morbidity.
The use of BMPs, researchers reported, raises concerns about the possible onset of cancer, wound dehiscence (where the wound opens along the surgical suture), spinal stenosis (an abnormal narrowing of the spinal cord), and respiratory complications.
Emerging technology may force the need to assess other areas of patient safety such as increasing laparoscopy diminishing the need for post-op dehiscence as a PSI but perhaps leading to another measure such as post-op wound infection after laparoscopic Roux-en-Y gastric bypass, another proposed CMS no-pay condition.
On post-operative day 11, at routine dressing change on the ward, a full thickness abdominal wall dehiscence was identified.
Mr Irving, a consultant surgeon at Edgbaston's Queen Elizabeth Hospital and Birmingham Children's Hospital, diagnosed superior canal dehiscence syndrome (SCDS) and operated on Mr Mabbutt to cure him of the condition.
At follow-up, the researcher asked the woman her experience of early discharge, and about evidence of wound dehiscence or purulent discharge, bleeding from the wound, pain associated with the wound, and readmission of the woman or her infant.
Dehiscence of the fruiting calyx allows the release of the mature nutlets from the persistent scale (Collins 1976).
Complications unrelated to implant failure included one case of wound dehiscence in a patient who initially suffered severe burns.
Examples of complications that can follow surgical incisions include dehiscence, infection, hematoma and seroma.