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burst or split open

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The vitreous may separate at this stage to give a PVD, but if not, then the fovea may dehisce to give a small hole--the stage II full-thickness macular hole (FTMH).
halys in his region of study (Akita Prefecture, Japan) cannot develop into adults or lay eggs by feeding on Japanese cedar cones because cones do not dehisce until Oct.
s forecASTle Cell flaCCid aCE whenCESoever PSalm See sarSAparilla SCent dehiSCE SCHism baSE uSED to .
Maturation is reached by August, and the weevils disperse when pods dehisce or fragment.
1B) dehisce explosively (Witztum & Schulgasser, 1995), while infested capsules do not dehisce at all.
It was released on her own self-funded Dehisce label.
Pods mature during August to September, with seeds being dispersed as pods dehisce and fragment.