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going down by steps

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(of taxes) gradually decreasing in rate on sums below a certain amount

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2) Integrating log-seismic multi-attributes: the method of multiple stepwise regression analysis is adopted, and the chosen log-seismic attributes (based on their degressive error) are individually intregated into the regression equation.
A degressive tax, which is a proportionate tax only on income above a certain threshold or exemption.
9) As McKenzie explains, "for any history of the book which exclude[s] study of the social, economic, and political motivations of publishing, the reasons why texts were written and read as they were, why they were rewritten or redesigned, or allowed to die, would degenerate into a feebly degressive book list and never rise to a readable history.
Progressive installments with the first installments are lower than normal monthly payments, degressive installments with installments declining every six months to protect the consumer's risks at the end of the installment months and balloon payment with first installments below normal level and the remaining debt to be paid in the last installment.
The variances of other points in the curve present half-normal distribution along the degressive direction, from He to 0.
With regard to the decision making process in the European Parliament, this logic takes the shape of the "principle of degressive proportionality".
Afin d'eviter le recours a divers expedients, une aide au demarrage est attribuee sous deux modalites : une aide degressive sur trois ans a la creation des emplois de direction et d'encadrement ou une aide a la constitution du fonds de roulement.
In recent years, the degressive threshold of mobile phone designs and produce and the cancellation of the mobile phone approval system have brought new opportunities for domestic manufacturers.
The initial replacement rate ranges between 50 and 70 percent of average gross earnings, and is often degressive over time.
Anne Claire Chambron of lobby group European Banana Action Network said the Latin American producer countries now favoured a degressive tariff, which would be reduced over a limited period of time to reach 75 [euro]/tonne.
It is indicated that there aren't obvious difference of the degressive curve of modulus between saturated sample and dry sample of rock fill materials.
My tribute to Otto Albrecht, in the form of a brief discourse on degressive music bibliography, brings out the differences between catalogs and bibliographies (56, no.
Plans for fixed rate degressive cuts in direct payments dropped.
Such a fee would be essentially a temporary tariff, possibly degressive, on services' imports of IP.