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going down by steps

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(of taxes) gradually decreasing in rate on sums below a certain amount

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5 18 14 Zeiss 21 25 N/A Seiko 20 and 23 17 and 19 10 and 11 Table 2 A selection of enhanced near vision lenses Manufacturer Lens name Degression Fitting power (D) method Essilor Interview -0.
There are different rates with degression for different technologies, the contract period, and time of day.
17] For the bibliographer, in any event, degression now becomes both a way to set priorities as to what is important, and then to display those priorities.
Current proposals for a new PV promotion scheme indicate that there could be a focus on smaller and medium sized systems or on an introduction of annual degression rates.
First, the tariff should include a standard rate of degression that inspires and anticipates cost reductions due to technology advancements.
The tariff degression method we are proposing will not allow for fat profits or for excessive rents.
The accelerated degression rate will only intensify the already fierce competition to achieve grid parity, a goal that aims to bring PV fully into the mainstream and precipitate higher returns for PV investors," added Dobrott.
With a new ceiling on agricultural expenditure agreed by EU governments, the Commission believes the only way to increase funding for rural development is through modulation and degression.
0% monthly degression through April 1st, 2014, and will remain at lowest levels as long as 12-month installation levels remain within the target.
Damian Phillips went on to explain the four main issues, the decoupling of support, modulation and degression, rural development and the farm advisory system.
Minister of Energy Greg Barker addressed a letter to industry stating that DECC will consult on steps including a tariff review to ensure small AD is not 'unfairly disadvantaged' by anticapted degression in April 2014.
The Government has introduced a long term tariff degression mechanism that will see the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) tariff reduce, depending on the capacity installed.
Very tight time schedules were in place for all three of the projects, with the aim of ensuring that they were completed before the next stage of the Feed In Tariff (FIT) degression took effect.