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(statistics) an unrestricted variable in a frequency distribution

one of the minimum number of parameters needed to describe the state of a physical system

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To use the devices freely and safely, including in public spaces, the WPT technology should provide mobile users with six degrees of freedom at a distance.
With reference to Torre's paper (2010), the authors show that factorizability and entanglement "are not preserved" in a change of the degrees of freedom used to describe the system, they demonstrate in details case that the factorizability of a state is a property that is "not" invariant under a change of the degrees of freedom that we use in order to describe the system.
Hence, degrees of freedom are a function of both sample size (N) (Trochim, 2005) and the number of independent variables (k) in one's model (Toothaker & Miller, 1996; Walker, 1940; Yu, 1997).
1] share equally in the energy stored in the vibrational degrees of freedom.
The quantity k is the coverage factor and its value is dependent on the number of degrees of freedom for [u.
26 (the degrees of freedom was 28; p value was greater than .
The examples above indicate the degrees of freedom required for some specific alignment tasks.
Also, it is our experience that bivariate parametric smoothers often require substantially more degrees of freedom than do bivariate nonparametric smoothers.
Therefore, to make the quantification of joint motions more realistic and accurate, a system with eight degrees of freedom for the upper body and six degrees of freedom for the lower body was used in the present study to describe a complex motion that occurs in three different planes.
The five degrees of freedom participants must be 90-100 pounds, and the microgravity training chair participants must weigh 100-120 pounds and be under 5 foot 5 inches tall.
It has the same kinematic structure as the human body with 30 active degrees of freedom, albeit without fingers.
Mold Degrees of Freedom - This parameter is least understood.
Rather than chaos, what we have been experiencing so far in America is a whirlwind escalation in degrees of freedom, harshly straining the bonds of our traditional limits and expectations.
Neither David, nor Clarke in her book "Practical Geostatistics", refer to or index fundamental concepts such as dependencies and degrees of freedom.
Neither David, nor Clarke in her book "Practical Geostatistics", refer to the concepts of dependencies and degrees of freedom.