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(statistics) an unrestricted variable in a frequency distribution

one of the minimum number of parameters needed to describe the state of a physical system

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4 watts each can be simultaneously and wirelessly charged at a 50 cm distance from the transmitter with six degrees of freedom, regardless of the devices' three-axes positions and directions.
Authors who have tried to be more specific have defined degrees of freedom in relation to sample size (Trochim, 2005; Weinbach & Grinnell, 2004), cell size (Salkind, 2004), the number of relationships in the data (Walker, 1940), and the difference in dimensionalities of the parameter spaces (Good, 1973).
Thus, as the solid is heated, it dissipates some of the energy contained in its vibrational degrees of freedom into our universe in an effort to cool down.
3DEasy SDK combined with 3DEasy mouse allows application developers to create new images with "6 degrees of freedom (6DOF)" - which were previously impossible to implement and execute using conventional 2D mice.
The Mobi-C's polyethylene insert provides controlled mobility that respects the instantaneous center of rotation and closely replicates anatomic movement, allowing for six degrees of freedom.
Mobi-C uses mobile-bearing technology and contained mobility for better replication of anatomical movements, providing a more natural range of mobility that includes six degrees of freedom.
With the IBRIX solution, emgs can realize these benefits today, yet the solution affords multiple degrees of freedom in scaling up and out to meet future demands.
Greater degrees of freedom in the module design, which can lead to potential material savings.
995, degrees of freedom v = 1(1)12, 15, 20, and square root of the noncentrality parameter [square root of [lambda]] = 0.
of a real problem consisting of 294,840 degrees of freedom (DOF) the PowerSolver required 1.
Trainees will then move on to the Five Degrees of Freedom Training Simulator, an apparatus that shows what a spacewalk feels like.
Three degrees of freedom were observed in a 2 x 4 contingency table with an alpha critical value of 7.
Wirth, who is the technical director of RoboScience, explains he wanted to have something to prove the concept, something that would have multiple degrees of freedom but wouldn't be off-putting--like a robotic crab.
In addition, the algorithm determines coverage factors based on the different numbers of degrees of freedom associated with various parts of the solution.