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the day on which university degrees are conferred

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a unit used in estimating fuel requirements for heating a building

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The initial size of yolk-sac fry were significantly same, however, the total length and wet weight of the yolk-sac fry at 618 degree-days (swim-up stage/at the end of study) differed significantly among all treatments.
Such corrected time is commonly referred to as "thermal time", or "heat units", and basically it is the accumulated product of time and the difference between actual temperature (T) and Tb for each day (or hour), calculated in degree-days or degree-hours units (UC-IPM, 2014).
Where, Q was average daily discharge [m3/s], c was runoff coefficient expressing the losses as a ratio (runoff/precipitation), Cs referred to snowmelt and Cr to rain, a was degree-day factor [cm/C/d] indicating the snowmelt depth resulting from 1 degree-day, T was number of degree- days [C d] T was the adjustment by temperature lapse rate when extrapolating the temperature from the station to the average hypsometric elevation of the catchment or zone [C d], S was ratio of the snow covered area to the total area, P was precipitation contributing to runoff [cm].
This result was unexpected, especially since the heating degree-day component was included in the interaction term.
Annual degree-day information (including heating degree-day and cooling degree-day) is usually continuous.
These records were used for validation of the degree-day aspects of the model that was developed using the BOM minute-by-minute data.
Studies were further extended to determine the relationships between length, total wet weight, dry yolk body weights of alevins and degree-days.
Conjointly were studied three numerical integration rules of the quadrature method by Newton-Cotes, which were discretized at different intervals during each observation daily (ARENALES; DAREZZO, 2008), thus enabling twelve different forms of degree-day of estimate by numerical integration.
Equations 8 through 13 were tested with the calculation of heating and cooling degree-day bases of 0[degrees]C, 5[degrees]C, 10[degrees]C, 15[degrees]C, 20[degrees]C, and 25[degrees]C (32[degrees]F, 41[degrees]F, 50[degrees]F, 59[degrees]F, 68[degrees]F, and 77[degrees]F) for all 12 months, for over 1000 stations randomly selected from the stations listed in the "Climatic Design Conditions" tables in the 2009 ASHRAE Handbook--Fundamentals (ASHRAE 2009).
They then received enough accumulated degree-days (142 DD) to convert to adults in mid-June when average temperature was 24[degrees]C.
These powerful recorders present historical weather data, degree-day calculations, and plant disease alerts on location, without requiring a computer.
The 450- and 900-degree-day treatments were created at three temperatures to test whether degree-days accurately reflect tuber age in terms of similar plant growth and yield responses over a wide range of temperatures.
Air temperature data from a sparse, irregular meteorological network in the Kuparuk region of north-central Alaska were interpolated spatially and temporally to provide a 13-year (1987-1999) series of thawing degree-day fields at 1 k[m.
Poole, a Lancaster resident who took the farm adviser position in February 2002 after it had been vacant for 10 years, is providing one-on-one consultations with farmers, offering advice on integrated pest management, developing degree-day models for local conditions, studying water conservation, teaching soil moisture monitoring techniques and working on alfalfa weed management.
The world's leading energy company said the service will initially provide degree-day derivative products for key cities in Japan and Australia.