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the day on which university degrees are conferred

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a unit used in estimating fuel requirements for heating a building

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This result was unexpected, especially since the heating degree-day component was included in the interaction term.
Annual degree-day information (including heating degree-day and cooling degree-day) is usually continuous.
Conjointly were studied three numerical integration rules of the quadrature method by Newton-Cotes, which were discretized at different intervals during each observation daily (ARENALES; DAREZZO, 2008), thus enabling twelve different forms of degree-day of estimate by numerical integration.
Equations 8 through 13 were tested with the calculation of heating and cooling degree-day bases of 0[degrees]C, 5[degrees]C, 10[degrees]C, 15[degrees]C, 20[degrees]C, and 25[degrees]C (32[degrees]F, 41[degrees]F, 50[degrees]F, 59[degrees]F, 68[degrees]F, and 77[degrees]F) for all 12 months, for over 1000 stations randomly selected from the stations listed in the "Climatic Design Conditions" tables in the 2009 ASHRAE Handbook--Fundamentals (ASHRAE 2009).
Each day's cooling degree-days are summed to create a cooling degree-day measure for a specified reference period.
Offers were solicited for heating degree-day (HDD) swaps for the period of March 2009 for London Heathrow (LHR).
The calculation of heating and cooling degree-days base 50[degrees]F (10[degrees]C) and 65[degrees]F (18.
Notes: Degree-days are relative measurements of outdoor air temperature used as an index for heating and cooling energy requirements.
Temperatures for the twelve-month comparison were 3% warmer on a heating degree-day basis and 33.
The service includes specific support for current and next week average temperature contracts traded on the Intercontinental Exchange(TM), current month degree-day contracts traded on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange(TM) and OTC markets, and seasonal contracts traded in the OTC markets.
Originally an accounts receivable and degree-day package, OIL-PRO has grown to be the most field-proven, flexible, user-friendly solution specifically designed for the Fuel Dealer.
A heating degree-day is a unit used in estimating quantities of fuel or power consumption, based on a daily ratio of consumption and the mean temperature below 65 degrees Fahrenheit.
These indices include cooling degree-days (65 degree base), heating degree-days (65 degree base), and two growing seasonal, and annual periods.
Heating degree-days during the past extremely warm winter were much lower than normal, and affected net income and earnings for utility and non-utility operations.
Energy usage intensity in BTUs per square foot, when superimposed on a graph of degree-days, shows the effects of weather on energy usage.