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the day on which university degrees are conferred

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a unit used in estimating fuel requirements for heating a building

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LOGAN, IA: Monthly total heating degree days, [online] [cited 05 October 2012].
The Annual issue contains monthly and annual averages of temperature, precipitation, temperature extremes, freeze data, soil temperatures, evaporation, and a recap of monthly cooling degree days.
2010, Influence of long-term trends and period of record selection on the calculation of climatic design conditions and degree days, ASHRAE Transactions 116(1): 447-61).
There have been many less degree days this year than in past winters.
3[degrees]C (65[degrees]F), and in Figure 7 for annual cooling degree days base 10[degrees]C (50[degrees]F) (stations with zero annual degree days were removed from the analysis).
The program analyses their buildings in order of fuel oil consumption as adjusted by degree days over days and years), and compares prices each day to the harbor and rack prices.
People who live in places where 100-plus degree days are common have found ways to cope with the heat.
In order to evaluate the benefits of the OAS Heat Computers, Kay Management compared the fuel bills for the 19904991 heating season (when new boilers and new windows were in place but prior to the installation of the OAS Heat Computers) with the bills for the 1991-1992 heating season (when the heat computers were in place), corrected for differences in degree days for the two years.
AER forecasts include monthly minimum temperatures, and energy sensitive parameters such as, heating degree days and population-weighted heating degree days.
I can't imagine climbing on 100 degree days in the near future or not being able to ride my snowboard in January.
Year to date, weather is 10% or about 450 degree days warmer than normal.
HOBOware also simplifies the process of calculating growing degree days with a new Growing Degree Days Assistant, and supports one-click export of data to Microsoft(R) Excel or other ASCII-compatible programs.
The Merc offers monthly contracts based on heating degree days expected in those cities.
WSI uses observations from the prior "gas week" to calculate proprietary Population Weighted Degree Days for each of the three Natural Gas regions (Consuming East, Consuming West, and Producing).
The number of cooling degree days in July 2003 was 13 percent above normal and 20 percent above the level recorded in July 2002.