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the day on which university degrees are conferred

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a unit used in estimating fuel requirements for heating a building

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Although the proposed approach improved the lifecycle operation energy prediction results, it only addresses variability of longitudinal building deterioration and degree days, which are primarily associated with the energy consumption of cooling and heating.
com, EnergyCAP automatically uploads daily weather data and also provides a fourteen-day degree day and energy usage forecast.
The probabilistic heating degree day forecasts were verified using a statistical measure known as "rank probability skill score (RPSS).
A heating degree day is a measure of the coldness of weather based on the extent to which the average of the high and low temperatures for a day falls below 65 degrees Fahrenheit.
Each edition also contains monthly summaries for heating and cooling degree days (65 degree F base).
Degree days are calculated by adding the maximum and minimum temperatures for a day, dividing by two, and subtracting by the base (so for base 50, subtract 50).
A model including photoperiod in degree days for estimating Hevea bud growth.
Climatic design conditions and cooling and heating degree days were calculated using data from different decades for 1274 stations worldwide.
If the average temperature for a day has been zero, 65 degree days were accumulated that day.
CountryCast enables participants in these industries to make trading and planning decisions up to 10 days forward because it goes beyond basic temperature and precipitation forecasts to provide insight into heating, cooling and growing degree days, wind chills, heat indexes, solar radiation, evapotransportation and more.
Looking back at the Phoenix Swap, this time with reconstructed data, AIR found that there now was an 86% chance that the contract would settle below 4,250 cooling degree days.
The analysis audit includes a very detailed evaluation of energy-use, such as the impact of degree days on heating/cooling, facility illumination levels and surface reflective values, remaining motor life of laundry equipment, and cooking area air exhaust requirements.
Normally Mother Nature has dished up several 80 degree days by now.
Heating oil and natural gas heating demand is measured in degree days.