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remove grease or oil from (a pan)

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Variation: 32902-neutral concentrated liquid detergent equity pr-315 unit of sale 5l blender - yields 250 liters detergent, degreaser to apply in multiple spaces, gives you deep cleaning of platforms, elaboration rooms, earthenware, kitchen utensils, walls, floors, clean crystals without leaving spots.
WD-40 Specialist Industrial-Strength Cleaner & Degreaser is low-odor and cleans so well that it outperforms other leading brand degreasers.
To remove grease, oil, wax and asphalt from electrical and mechanical equipment, NCH Europe also offers Voltz, a powerful solvent degreaser with controlled evaporation so it stays on the surface for longer, meaning it can degrease highly soiled equipment effectively.
According to the company, the new green formula cleaner degreaser is nonhazardous; nonflammable; biodegradable; gentle on the skin; easy on finishes; and harmless to nonmetal parts, including wood, rubber, polymer, and composite materials.
Mix up a strong solution of degreaser using the dilution ratios listed on the label.
National Colloid's primary product, SuperC Heavy Duty Degreaser (also known as NC-680) is being used in a variety of industries internationally and by some very fortunate clients within the United States.
Once you have been around the entire chain use a clean rag to wipe before applying biodegradable degreaser to the chain, rotate the chain a few times to get the degreaser right into the links.
New eco-friendly Oil Eater[R] Original--made from a mixture of nonionic surfactants, emulsifiers, water softeners, and other biodegradable ingredients, that will not harm the skin--is a powerful and versatile water-based cleaner and degreaser that is formulated to eliminate the need for multiple solutions.
21 -- LPS Laboratories have introduced SA-X X-Treme Degreaser, a new water-based cleaner/degreaser that has a super aggressive formula for removing grease, adhesives, oils, tars and dirt.
Other new products from Chem-Trend for non-food-contact applications include Lusin Alro OL 202 F mold release; Lusin Clean L1010 F mold cleaner for removing plastic reside; and Lusin Clean L 52 F, a surface cleaner and degreaser.
2) Use a scrub brush in a circular motion and work the degreaser onto the stained fabric fibres.
It described new kitchen degreaser Ecover Power Cleaner (rsp: 3.
IT High Performance Degreaser (DSI 1000) has once again been successfully applied in an emergency oil spill clean-up operation, this time in Turkey.
ROCOL Remover & Degreaser is a tough, fast acting and penetrating citrus based cleaner that leaves no residue which is designed to remove grease, oil, adhesives and general workshop grime from a wide range of surfaces.