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remove grease or oil from (a pan)

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This removes any fingerprints or oil left by the steel wool if it wasn't completely degreased.
Bacon is sliced directly on to a moving line, microwaved to the required crispness, and degreased before going into either a chiller or freezing unit.
The parts would then be glass bead peened to roughen the bonding surface and vapor degreased to remove the glass residue.
The parts had been vapor degreased upon receipt at Airex, and the bulk of the rubber cut off.
com/research/9c8a71/refined_degreased) has announced the addition of the "Refined Degreased Naphthenic Acid (CAS 1338-24-5) Market Research Report 2011" report to their offering.
Liberalised sheep and lamb wool lines would include, greasy, including fleece-washed wool, degreased, not carbonised shorn wool, and dyed or bleached wool.
I performed my semi-scientific back-yard test for rust pre ventative miracle oils: I got a bunch of big iron nails degreased 'em handily, then put Clenzoil on some and left some raw and nekkid as a control group.
The adhesive was applied on the degreased metal surface and dried online.
CST has an in-line painting process, which will produce mechanically cleaned, degreased and pre-primed coated tubing.