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Synonyms for degrading

Synonyms for degrading

harmful to the mind or morals


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used of conduct

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30) Compared with these two alternatives, treating offenders inhumanely or degradingly is likely to have little impact if our aim is to reduce serious rights violations overall.
After all, anyone who wants to see someone contort themselves degradingly need only visit Abu Ghraib prison.
The sports radio shock-jock, who has degradingly described NASCAR as NECKCAR ever since he was a whisper at UC Santa Barbara and still refers to California Speedway in Fontana as being in the middle of Fontucky, had Busch on as a guest last week.
Emperor Maximilian's nemesis, the vengeful dictator Benito Juarez, took sadistic pleasure in making the Austrian ambassador beg degradingly for permission to remove the monarch's bullet-riddled corpse from Mexican soil.
Stating degradingly and humiliatingly that Sethe is human, not bestial, reminds her of schoolteacher's study of her so-called animal qualities.
Writing in Opportunity, Brown acknowledged the popular and degradingly inaccurate depictions of the Negro from Stephen Foster to AI Jolson as an "epidemic" which spread its contagion anywhere money was to be made: "Tin Pan Alley, most of whose dwellers had been no further south than Perth Amboy, frantically sought rhymes for the southern states, cheered over the startling rediscovery of Alabammy and Miami for their key word Mammy .
What examples are we setting, when the president's own House and Senate speak out so degradingly against him?
The Uniats tried to "take advantage of the peace and quietness to which they never hoped, and degradingly, went up to knock on villager's doors to summon them in church, where the scandal was prepared and ready for filming, and who stealthily broke into the church, fraudulently entering a holy place with the bailiff and gendarmes who have exceeded the attributions of their duty and which, led by their chief who became, overnight, a spokesman and advocate fot the cause of the united diocese of Oradea" (17).